Author: jimyg123

Aliens and the Cold War

Has anybody ever noticed how alien sightings in the U.S. started around the Cold War, and how Roswell happened during that time. Maybe the U.S. government made up the lies about alien sightings and tried to cover up events like Roswell, because it was part of an ingenious strategy. Think about, if the Soviets believed that there were UFO sightings in the U.S., Then there would probably be sightings of UFO's in Russia eventually, allowing the U.S. military to have a spy plane above Russia, with the soviets believing it was just a UFO. Smart as shit i say.

The Bank of America

i was watching tv and a commercial for the bank of america was on and they were talking about how the customers can just deposit money straight into the ATM now so they were giving examples of what they could deposit and the one guy said he could deposit 4 20's, thats a subliminal message and i caught that shit.