Author: IronLungs

2 Parts Hydrogen, 1 Part Oxygen.

Man, you know what the most mind blowing thing about water? Well to me at least. The fact that you can take these 2 flammable gases and if you combine them, you get something that puts out fire! Wtf. Nature is one crafty mistress.

An Apple A Day

So everybody knows an apple a day keeps the doctor away. And everyone knows smoking a bowl a day keeps the doc away too. So my question is if I smoke a bowl out of an apple and eat it, that pretty much makes me immortal, right?

I Always Feel Like Oprah

Whenever I get on this site. Giving out free upvotes to everyone. You get an upvote! And you get an upvote! Everybody gets free upvotes! Look under your chairs. It's a free upvote!""