Author: GreenT

They Need To Extend the Vegas Strip…. FOR WEED!

You know how Las Vegas is like the center of excessiveness in all the great pleasures in life: alcohol, food, sex, money. When they legalize maijuana, they should develop one end to become a new section of the strip: a section dedicated to megaclubs for weed. How fucking amazing would that be?

We are all ugly

I'm pretty certain that we're one of the ugliest animals in the animal kingdom. Right down there with sea cucumbers and shit. We just don't notice because we are human. Think about it. We're fleshy and squishy all over with hair in awkward and impractical places. We walk goofily on two legs with our genitalia for all the world to see. And we're rather weak physically compared to other organisms. I think we just might be the laughing stock of our planet.

Change the Channel

When I'm high, I don't change the channel when I'm watching TV. I keep smoking until the show that's on becomes more interesting.