Author: G-WiZ

Mystery Joint

So every night me and my friends go off campus to roast a few bowls and then head back to the dorms. One particular night we decided that we were gonna wake up a lil earlier than usual (before 12) to wake and bake in the morning. When we returned to my car in the morning i went to sit in my car and i noticed a joint sitting on my drivers seat. We were immediately stoked, but confused. At first we thought it might have been a lost joint between the seats that resurfaced...but the joint was in perfect condition, not even a crease. No one could account for this perfectly rolled medical clinic joint with see-through paper. This bad boy was fresh. Well, we smoked that shit. After a series of stony debates, we came to a conclusion that somebody must've slipped it in through the crack in my window of my car overnight. Some kind of joint fairy or really awesome stranger. We also considered the possibility that this mystery joint was an offering from our bubbler, Ms. Eleanor Swan, for treating her so gentlemanly every night. Haha, whether it be a gift from the gods of ganja or just a very generous passerby, we will always remember the curious case of the mystery joint.