Author: dumbotheclown


.. I've been reading some of these highdeas... Some of the people on here, simply blow my fucking mind. Thanks.

Welcome to the neighborhood

Ill keep it short for those who dont like the long stories.. So i was cutting the grass when my neighbor (who just moved in) asks me if i could cut his backyard. He asked me how much it would be, i said 5, he said how about 10. I cut the grass, and when i went to tell him i was done he gave me 15 dollars (he was in the garage and i could smell it in the air). so i asked him if he was smoking, he said yes would you like to join? I ended up getting 15 dollars and a smoke down for ten minutes of work. Welcome to the nieghborhood!

what officer?

I always hope the cop finds my weed only to make me smoke the whole bag as punishment".. i would tell him to buckle the fuck up cause im about to tell him some shit"