Author: Claxx

Daylight Savings…

The time on my computer just went from 11:59:59 to 1:00:00... I wonder what crazy stuff could have happened during that extra hour.

Dear cjw42069,

thank you for going through all of my highdeas and downvoting every single one of them when I don't even have 1 popular one. karma is a bitch.

There are more deaths..

caused by a mutant half dolphin/half elephant jumping out of the ocean at the speed of light with an M16 and firing it recklessly... then there are deaths caused by marijuana.


Take a moment to consider how mind blowing it is to communicate with someone. Humans found a way to use their lips/tongue/teeth/mouth to create noises that when formed together create words that we can understand. Not only understand but words can have all the meaning in our lives. Like someone saying I love you. is that amazing or am I just really high?