Author: cisco_kid

Dear (non troll) highdea-ers:

When you notice a comment by a troll, ignore them. Simple as that. I know it sucks to not say anything - and I know it's bothersome, but these asshats thrive on your responses. That's what they want - they want an online argument. I mean, of course if you see a hateful comment and feel the need to say something, do it. I think that most of the time you can clearly tell the trolls apart from the dicks. Just ignore the trolls and eventually - they'll go away. And if they don't, fuck em. They have to live with themselves. Remember that. That seems like punishment enough. (:

Met a girl named Macy – had sex with her all day,

But she was dyslexic, so I ended up doin' the YMCA (: ^ That's a line from Words, Words, Words by Bo Burnham. I just wanted to share with you guys that in an hour or two I'll be headed to New Orleans to see Bo Burnham live! I'm super excited and am pretty serious about attempting to smoke with him... Fingers crossed... Agggh, I can't fuckin wait!

Real Krabby Patties

Nickelodeon should put out packages of frozen krabby patties. Like the white castle burgers you can buy frozen, y'know? I'd stock up every time I was at WalSmart. (:

What’s with all these people straight up hating on other people?

Every other highdea I've seen lately is about hating straight edge kids, religious people, or whoever/whatever they can think of to hate. C'mon guys. First off, I don't think we should be generalizing any group of people. Just because you fit into a certain subgroup doesn't mean that you're just like the rest of them. Just because you've had bad experiences with ONE (2, 3, you get me) person/ppl like that doesn't support your grouping those people together. I've said it before and I'll say it again, live and let live. Just do it.

Mary J makes me a way cooler sister…

I'm 21 and have a 5yr old brother and I'm not gonna lie, I'ma pretty cool sister. I take him places and play with him all the time. I must say, though, that when I am high I am so much more of a kickass and fun kind of older sister... We already went swimming today and will be going see How to Train your Dragon later on. jfsdhfjdshf I can't wait to see that (:

Dear Mr, Raccoon,

At night when you're going thru our trash & I'm walking toward you... don't be scared. I don't want to chase you away. I'm stoned and all I want to do is hug and cuddle you. I just wanna hold your tiny little raccoon hand...