Author: Cheney

The Accidental Double Flush””

Hope I'm not the only one, but does anyone ever hit the toilet lever a second time and feel like a complete idiot cause you just flushed nothing and to everyone outside the bathroom sounds like you took a huge dump that needed to be taken down with a double flush. Or is it just me?

Flavor drops for weed

Would you buy little bottles of flavorful drops? You get the bottle with the flavor you love most, say oh I don't know mint chocolate chip icecream, you squeeze a couple drops of the bottle over the weed, whether it be in a bowl or wrapped in a blunt, and when you take the hit you taste the flavor you bought. Seems like a pretty profitable highdea.

Gingerbread Man Baked

You know the story about the old woman who puts a gingerbread cookie in the oven, gets it reaaaal baked, and when she pulls the cookie out of the oven it comes to life? Yeah me and my friends are gonna go get that baked.

Dear high Taco Bell employee

Yes you may have fucked up my order when I first pulled up to the box, but once I pulled up to your window I saw that little wink when you handed me my food. Gave me an extra soft taco, and made my lovely 5-layer burrito an even lovelier 8-layer burrito and had it packed. Thanks dude, stoners unite.

Dr. Seus, Hidden Message?

Was high, watching Dr. Seus and the Cat in the Hat with my 2 year old nephew, and when the cat in the hat starts righting math equations all over the house it shows 420" on the fish's bowl. "