Author: blrhoover

Taco Bell Mishap

So I had just got finished with a sesh with all my best pals and of course we had to go to Taco Bell to complete our journey. All I had on me was two nickels and two dimes. I decided to try to win a taco by playing the coin drop game and I was lucky enough to get one. The lady asked what kind of shell I wanted, hard or soft, and I answered, cheddar." The proceeding moments seemed like the entire length of my life compressed into five seconds of pure awkwardness."

Chill Piece

Ok so, there should be a small little filter piece that you can place in the freezer which attaches to the base of your blunt/joint. Everytime you take a hit in, it feels nice and chill like the arctic breeze

Hair Color

For all of my life, I have had very blonde hair, but.. this month, I decided to participate in no shave November, and I have learned that I am actually half ginger! My beard is red, but I have still have blonde hair. Needless to say, ive been deeply depressed about this

Stoners should be looked up!

We aren't the dumb ones! We are the ones who seek truth, think deeply about life, and look for the greater good and best peace there could be. Also, were usually pretty high, its kinda hard to look down upon someone higher than you are

foreign words

whenever i send a text while high, i question whether one of the words i just sent actually exists or not. for example, i just said the word pouch and i was almost convinced this wasnt even a word

Sticky Fingers

Don't you just LOVE that moment after you break up some amazing bud? The amazing aroma fills the air and your fingers smell better than taco bell

Clean Hot Box

What if one were to hotbox their car during the car wash. Holy shit... that'd be better than.. everything