Author: BFRO88


Seriously, your not fooling anyone I can tell your cars not moving.... and im high as shit

Fuckin dinosaurs man…

Every drop of water that you've ever drank has been around since the beginning of time... a fucking dinosaur could've pissed in that dude think about it....

Bicycle headlights

You know those flash lights that you have to crank the handle for it to work? What if you put something like that on a bike but it was powered by the pedals and made some headlights work. That be legit


Ok so picture this, A mini drum set on the top half of your steering wheel, that you play with your thumbs while you drive, Genius? i think so

The Dentist

Imagine if you were deaf and blind, and you had to go to the dentist, you would have no idea what the fuck was going on...


I smoked before school today, and in geometry all i heard the teacher say were the words High, and Pot, in hypotenuse... fuckin triangles man