Author: BawayfromBLESS

discussion at the thansgiving table..

aunt: so hows school sami? me: itss all good. aunt: thats good. we never get to see you anymore cause you're so far away. me: yeah the train getting back and fourth can be a pain. aunt: i bet. its like a 4 hr trip right? me: ehhh. 4hours 20 minutes usually. (2 uncles at the other end of the table begin laughing). =]]]]]]]]]]]]]! happy holidaysguys. its the most wonderful time of the yerrrr.

to the dude that ripp’d off my boy last year..

you dont know this but were good friends, me, and the guy you robbed. somethin you probably also don't know, that 50 i gave you yesterday for the 8ter when i was in need, i've had for years. its a fake. have fun finding someone dumbenough to take it hah.


..all it really is an elevated floor. someone oneday just brought the floor closer to them cuz they were prolly sick of bending over all day.

Accidents lol

I was driving my 5 yo brother around and thought. Kids in the back seat cause accidents; and Accidents in the back seat cause kids.