Author: BadMagik91

Ralphie May

Ralphie May performed at my school last Tuesday & said a bit of wisdom that I can respect. I'm more stoned than a biblical whore." I shook his hand after the show for that."

Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is coming up shortly & if ur sad bout being without a date for it, just remember, there is 1 girl who is always there for u....Sweet Mary Jane <3

High Quests

Have you had those moments when you're high and life becomes like a Legend of Zelda game? Like the things you do become like quests you have to accomplish, you guard your weed like you would Princess Zelda, and try to avoid Ganondorf (aka cops)

Show Some Appreciation

I thought today would be a great day to remember all those who gave their lives so we may live today. Thank you Dinosaurs, I love you! :D

Octopus and Spider

Have you ever noticed that an octopus and a spider both have eight legs, but never had any contact with each other? If they could talk, I bet that they would be best friends :)

Geico Loophole

If 15 mins can save you 15% on your car insurance, then will 100 minutes save you 100% on your car insurance?