A Little Rant on Selfish Smokers

I was once hanging out with my friend Dan and his other friend Hank, who I had never met before.
We were sitting around watching tv when we decided we wanted to blaze. I had my bong on me but no pot, and no money. Dan was out of bud and money as well but Hank offered to buy a 20 if I called one of my dealers. Dan and Hank were new to the area so they had no numbers. I called one of my dealers and he told me to meet him in 20 minutes. None of us have cars, so I offered to walk to my dealers place and pick up the 20 while Dan and Hank stayed at home. It was a 15 minute walk there and back, which I did not mind doing as it was a hot day without a cloud in the sky, and I was going to get high regardless. I got back to Dan’s and gave Hank his 20, and my bong and told him to have at ‘er. Hank packed a bowl, took a toke and gave my bong to Dan. Dan took a toke and passed it back to Hank who finished the bowl. I asked if he was going to pack another so I could at least have a hit, after all, it was my bong, my dealer, and my effort to get the pot. Without hesitation Hank told me he was saving it for later and put his weed away.

I personally think people like this are assholes and don’t deserve to smoke weed. I have a little rule I tend to follow: If I am blazing and I am near a friend who I know would like to join me, I give them a call. After all, do we not blaze to solialize and enjoy the high as a group?

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