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helllo hello to your Hiiiighs :D Andd fairwell to your lows (: worshipping nature <3 danceing with the winds .. dripping from the skys * shes pagan <3 she loves couches and caterpillars , man :D sound and vision definalty fuzz up her boiling mushroooms too sizzzle
threw ourr dotted ponds behind her mountains <3 we are As one , all of us .. each one makes it shimmmer into the dazzling suns :D a piece of peace twisted into your clouds and off wee tipy toe over the moons <3 enJoy the fucking moment brotha as it is forever , right meow (: drink choclate milk and crawl under the carpets man ((: "i am he as you are he as you are me and we are alll together - los beatles :p "



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