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I'm one of the coolest bitches you'll ever meet. im fun, outgoing, a walking party, crazy, not your average girl, and i loooooove music. i love smoking<3 i believe marijuana should be legal in every state but only to those who are smart about it and those who aren't helping the media prove it is a "gate-way" drug. i have 2 tattoos and one is a memorial piece for my boyfriend who was hit by a car. i have been suffering from severe depression for 5 years now and weed is one of the very few things that can get me out of bed lately. but i can also go a day without it and not turn into the hulk haha. im very laid back and blunt (pun intended) i like to speak my mind and i dont care what people think of me. and thats all i got right now soo byeeee. hit me up or whatever.

p.s. Keep smiling gorgeous it looks good on you(:



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