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Is our soul really immortal?

"Evil is all that which destroys and corrupts. . .
Each thing has its evil . . . for instance, ophthalmia for the eye, and disease for the whole body,
mildew for corn and for wood,
rust for iron . . . The natural evil of each thing . . . destroys it, and if this does not destroy it, nothing else can . . .
(a) for I don't suppose good can ever destroy anything,
(b) nor can what is neither good nor evil,
(c) and it is certainly unreasonable . . .
that the evil of something else would destroy anything when its own evil does not.
Then if we find something in existence which has its own evil but which can only do it harm yet cannot dissolve or destroy it, we shall know at once that there is no destruction for such a nature. . . . the soul has something which makes it evil . . . injustice, intemperance, cowardice, ignorance.
Now does any one of these dissolve and destroy it? . . .
Then, since it is not destroyed by any evil at all, neither its own evil nor foreign evil, it is clear that the soul must of necessity be . . . immortal. " -Plato



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