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My name's Tabitha (you can call me Tabby). I've been smoking since I was thirteen (young, I know. I have issues.) but have never touched anything that wasn't weed. If it's not natural, I don't fucks with it. Anyway I was born and raised in Yonkers, NY, and recently moved to Penn Hills, PA. I go to the high school here and will graduate in 2016. I normally smoke alone, I don't have any stoner friends, but my friends do know, and they don't care. I own two pipes (my babies): a metal pipe with a screw on cap and a trippy weed leaf, and my newer one, a beautiful wooden pipe with two clay people sixty-nining on top of it and rasta colors painted over the side, that I bought in St. Kitts when I went on a cruise. I'm always thinking when I'm high, and love to watch trippy shit like Adventure Time when I'm baked. Message me, I love talking to people. :)



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