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I guess its time for an about me :)
My name is Nayeli ; pronounced Nah-Yell-ee for those non Spanish speakers :3 and I'm chill AF thanks to my favorite herb, MaryJane. No offence to chamomile or nothing . I'm always down for a good time regardless of who you are or what you do. NO DUMB BITCHES. Happy ?;) Im not black but I love chicken and watermelon. Who ever thought of that stereotype has obviously never spent a day in a Mexican home. I have a wonderful stoner/gamer/tagger boyfriend who I hellah love, 101010 bubs<3 and a chill ass stoner kitty who jus made a loud ass noise I'm bout to check up on. Hold up real quick .. okay Wtf .. either she learned to climb the fkn fridge or theres a ghost in my house cos the fkn bread jus fell . Swear, she's a Liddo kitty. Um, fk it. Anywaays :) I love weed, not a guru on it but I've been doing it for almost 3 years, long enough to be a pro but not enough to go Buddha on that shit xD Born and raised in SanDiego, California. If your in my area we should definately chief it up. We got all the dispensaries over here but there's no need to be jealous, jus plan a trip here and ill be more than happy to smoke you out :) Pretty much it.. I'm not stuck up, I'm friends with everyone and if yur a girl hmu. I need girly stoner friends (: BTW if you have an xbox account add me. Zombies & Competition all day everyday <3 GT: NaughtyNayeli. Old ass gamertag -____-

On the side note I'm sober which is why I jus made this long ass about me (x Hopefully your not too high to not read this &Don't be afraid to meet new people ^___^ hmu.




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