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"You think you can choose God like you choose a pair of shoes? …You choose the right one and you go straight to heaven, you choose the wrong one and you go straight to hell? …There is no choosing. Nobody has God. No religion, no country, no race, no man has God. God has all of us, the Christians, the Buddhists, the Muslims, the Hindus and even the ones that don’t believe in God at all. We don’t make God, God made us. We don’t choose God, God chose us." - an old wise man under a tree

"once you learn to accept the values of others, you learn to accept your own." - mr.hanksdiggity

"it's sad about today's society, seeing the blind lead the blind." - mr.hanksdiggity

It's almost my time. Thanks highdeas for everything, it's been real.

I blurred out my picture cause I actually have to start caring for my "internet profile". Careers and business' really do check you out, follow your email subscriptions, almost anything. Whatever you put on the internet, will stay on the internet..

For the most part, i'll continue to read highdeas rarely, but it's just now coming towards a time when I really should just focus on another hobby of mine, whether it be academics, guitar, meditating, etc..

Highdeas is a unique site, one that takes your mind to the farthest stretch of your conscious. Think of it as a silly putty, you can stretch it, fold it, make new things out of it, and almost do anything with it. Kind of like your imagination right? But sooner or later, if you understand the silly putty enough, you know when to not break it. You know how far it can get before it snaps. When it snaps, make sure you know how to put it back together.

This is in no order, but these are the people you should look up to towards the site. They are the members that actually have put in their own ingenuity or their own effort. I'm not saying a lot of you out there haven't, I've just stood side by side with these guys.

Took this from Wilfred <---





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