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hi my name is brandon. im just like every one on here only strong weed cause i got friends that got the amazing shit. my one friend robert. iv known him for years now and hes the guy to go to for the best shit ever. idk where he gets it but oh well. hes sorta racist ...but oh well got deal with it. i dont give a fuck who it is all i care about is how every one is doing it. theres harrison. hes a total bad ass but he acts gay at times so i just stay away when he acts like it. then theres jake. he looks sorta jewish but hes not...robert and jake dont get along that well. well the 4 of us get high alot so we share this account. i get to keep charge of it. i have the most ideas but sometimes they write some. some storys we have are awesome. so hit me up if you wanna talk. if girls wanna talk to me then plz send me a message. smokin with girls is amazing cause most of them have amazing times. like adventures and just chill. they always got the most amazing storys. sorry but i just keep going on about nothing but just hit me up.



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