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Feelin the breeze since '93

I am nothing original; I am the combined effort of everyone I've ever known.

You got to pay your dues if you wanna sing the blues, and you know it don't come easy.

While you busy trying to fit in, I'ma stand out
and view my life through this lens and see how it pans out

EDIT: MAY 15, 2012
This site has turned to absolute shit and the posts on here lately are garbage. All I've ever done is defend originality and creativity, but no, all the Primitive fucks on here just love to get their fill of facebook popularity. Fuck this site, and 75% of the users. Like SM0KEY said a while ago, there are about 10 legit users on this site and that isn't enough to keep me entertained.

I shall pass on my legacy to "King.Dirty", or how he has now named himself, "myjointyourface". This noble soul stepped up when I was away from this site for a week and he showed the type of courage and bravery that any mybluntyourface should have.

This was actually my favourite site almost 2 years ago, but now, seriously I could take a shit on my laptop and close it, and that would be a better post than a majority of the crap I see in the popular section. There are too many shitposts on the Popular page now, I can't keep up with it all. That number is TOO DAMN HIIIIGH. So fuck this site, it has just turned in to another Facebook. There are some legit people on here but not enough to keep it alive and bumpin like it was 2 years ago.

Yeah I get bitched at by haters on this site, so fuck em and fuck it, and fuck you too if you're gonna hate on me for defending what this site was made for. The very first highDEA I ever posted got popular the other day, and thats where I'm gonna call it quits. It was my favourite highDEA, and because of what I do to unoriginal posts on this site, people automatically started calling my creation a steal.
So fuck that shit, that's not what I came to this site for. That was my favourite highDEA and I draw the line when retards who have been here for less than a month start calling it stolen. Peace out, I had fun.

I might make a few returns here and there just incase anyone has any messages or even gives a shit lmao
So message me if you wanna talk and we'll facebook each other, but my time on this site is just about gone.



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