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LOVE: Her smell, the way she looks, how she taste.. My one and only; my love Mary fuckin Jane. LOVE: Good company and good times. Breezy Summer days. Joints. Green lighters. Nail polish. Jolly Ranchers twosomes. Threesomes :) Mushrooms. Brushing my teeth. The scent of the neighbors doing laundry. Band t-shirts. Jewelry. Cruising on the freeway. Going to the East. My bubbler. Thee BONG. Tupac. Alice in Wonderland. Converse. Cleaning my ears. Eating cookies! ICE CREAM! Rolling blunts. Smoking blunts. My fam. MUSIC. Fresh socks. Chocolate covered bananas. Banana chips. The way it smells after it rains. Google. Cosmetics. Art. Street Art. Anything that involves making something beautiful. Swagg. Laughing. Lasagna. Not giving a fuck! SoBe Strawberry Daiquiri. Edibles. Smoothies. Perfume/body spray/cologne. Training Day. Fear and Loathing. Reading articles/novels. Showering high. Lollipops. Vans. Jeans. Vaporizer. Smoking. Sex. Goldie my car. Kickin it. Concerts. Patron shots. Sprite+Lean+Jolly Ranchers= Styrofoam cups. Breakfast sandwiches. TACOS! Sharpies. T.J. my dog. Sunglasses. Sundresses. Being HIGH. Hiking. Calico Basin. My backyard. Sunshine. MOTAvation. Lime green. Acrylic paint. HD tv. Pupusas. Turtles. Nice teeth. Rock-a-billy. Rock. Sleeping. Coming home past 4a.m. Money. highDEAS. Haters. Frozen grapes on a stick. Flowers. Common. Being an asshole. The Nutty North. The United States of America. Hip hop. Getting brains. Smashed potatoes. High heels. Purses. Punk. Frogs. West Coast. Writing. Pretty girls. Kush. Weiner dogs. Meeting people. First Friday. Mos Def. Ipod. Half Baked. Cheech and Chong. Wu-tang. Funk. Reggae/dubstep. The beauty in this horrible world. Oldies. Four wheelers. Camping. California vacations. BBQ. Sweet tea. Curly hair. Falling in love. Mint chapstick. Bubble gum. Gays. Bubbles. Cheese. Clouds. Yogurt. Thai tea. Coffee. Thai food. Cup cakes. Fresh sheets. Being happy. #'s 88,87,2,1. Good grammar. Black lights. Neon colors. Sluts. Comedy. Bumpin in the car. Billy Holiday. Adele. Ice cold water. Big asses. Washing my hands. B-boys. Mac Dre. Useless information. Snickers. Watching tosh.0 boxing or MMA. Drag racing. Making fun of people. Bob Marley. Cassettes. Vinyl records. Chevy Caprice. UFOs. Tie dye. Watermelon. Coca-Cola. Photography. Tank tops. Halloween. 4th of July. Clorox wipes. Watching Jail on Spiketv. Salad. Trees. J Dilla. Saying HELLA and FUCK OFF. Swaggin on these weak bitches. TITTIES!! World Star Hip Hop. Siouxsie & the Bangees. The Smiths. INTERVENTION. I Survived. The Human Bean Green Tea Smoothie. Laying down and smoking. Making money$ A Bronx Tale. Keepin' it 100% VEGAS NIGHTS! I love being brutally honest. And reading YOUR highdeas. And Down Voting the highDEAS I don't like. LOVING HER STRONG SINCE 2003. MARY JANE THE ONE AND ONLY.

12-3-12 Yaaaay my password worked!

It is now 7-16-2013 and I haven't been on this since ^^ 12-3-12 I am still surprised I remembered the password took me a couple times but I miss you highDEAS!



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