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About Me

So if you've come to my page for some odd reason you want to know something about me?
Well alright you asked for it, for starters..

Pisces all the way ! ♓
I am an Artist☮
(painting,sketching,pottery,bracelets, key-chains, you name it.)
I LOVE videogames, definitely a gamers chick.

Im a full-time nerd, full-time rocker, but I'm also a full-time friend, so just keep that in mind..♥

Amberrae and i are married BUTT.. we both have an Open relationship with Mary Jane(as in we take turns passing her back n forth)

My favorite flower is a sunflower.
Im a future Glass Blower,Surreal Artist,Potter, and do Special effects makeup artist.
Colors: Black,Blue,Silver,White,Red,Yellow,and Green.

Music: ♪♫ ♪♫ ♪♫ ♪♫
Collie Buddz,Pink Floyd,GunsNRoses,Led Zepp,Circa Survive,Radiohead,Blink 182, Avenged Sevenfold,Escape the Fate,Atreyu,Asleana,Eyes Set to Kill, All That Remains, Killswitch Engage, Mudvayne,
10Years,Damien Rice,Sublime,RedHotChiliPeppers,Rise Against, Cage the Elephant, Quantum Dubstep,Skrillex, Zeds Dead.
not a fan of Rap unless its Underground or Tupac. point. blank. period.

How My InGeniousness Works♥:

I consider myself a rational person, i view life objectively and rarely let extraneous matters cloud my thinking.
My intuition is so sharp sometimes,its like i can read peoples thoughts.
My strong connection with the dreamworld colors my take on reality and makes me a brightly heud character, that others love being around♥

"You cannot teach a man anything;
you can only help him discover it in himself."
-- Galileo Galilei

- Krystal☮♥ツ

Status: "Currently Single."



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