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I am a pothead level 45 and a US Team Gamer

What is this?? Is this not America? This is not China! This is not
Russia! This is not the place where they brought down the wall, this is
America! We have the right to say what we want to say, we have the right
to do what we want to do, and what I do in my house,
you might not do in your house!
So what I do in my house is my business! And the simple fact
of it all is that we are BONDED by the First Amendment! We have the
freedom of EXPRESSION! We have the freedom of CHOICE! And you,
Chinese, black, green, purple, Jew,
YOU have the right to listen to whoever
you want to, and even the Potheads Too! So all you right-wingers, left-
wingers, bigots, Communists, there IS a place for you in this world!
Because this is the land of the FREE, the home of the BRAVE



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