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19. NY. Dig it.

That's me at age 8 >

not really, but imagine?

I'm done with highdeas. Probably forever. Why? All the good authors are gone because of all the stupid kids who make numerous accounts to get themselves popular, not to mention the dumb kids who post shit from everywhere that isn't their's. Also, i got a popular highdea, but imo, it's not even that good of a highdea, which saddens me, knowing i have better highdeas not getting viewed. All in all, i don't think i'm gonna visit because highdeas used to be a place that always entertained me or stimulated my brain, but now it's no fun when i know the punchline to all your jo-- highdeas.

The state of highdeas: Shit. try posting less crap that you see on facebook/tumblr/anywhere else on the internet, and try commenting more. I'd love to hear what you're thinking while you're high, not what you found on the internet while you were high.

A little about me, I move around New York because I'm in college and I get bored very easily. College, itself, is a joke, and I wish they'd make it a bit more difficult, because it lowers the value of the degree I'm trying to get when any idiot can cram knowledge into their brain for one night and pass a couple tests. I'm still searching for a meaning to my life, as well as life in general, so if you think you know it, I'd love to hear your opinion.

I enjoy haikus, as well as science, math, a lot of history, tacos, bacon, and i especially love something that allows me to open my mind to a realm that i didn't even know existed (take the hint highdeas community).

Here's a haiku for you:

Be the change you want,
All the problems in this world,
Can be solved with you

add me if you want. i will NOT accept you however. i don't think this is facebook so i could care less if i had any friends on here (the only reason i would is because i'd like people to at least see what i have to say).

Also, I'm cross-dominant.

Who took my lighter?

Is it me or does it smell like weed in here?

Stay classy, San Diego.

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