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"The things you own in life end up owning you"
"Advertising has us chasing car and clothes; working jobs we hate to buy shit we don't need."-Tyler Durden

I'm 21. I live in South Florida and I only smoke exotic weed(no cigs, alchohol, white drugs, etc.). It's practically growing everywhere down here. The one addiction I have is music and I plan on, probably, directing video game production as a career. I play a couple instruments, enjoy cooking, drawing, reading, writing, cleaning, exercising, playing basketball, smoking my 360 and PS2, and surfing the interweb. I strongly believe in God, but strongly resent religion. I hope that one day the world will realize that greed and segregation will get us nowhere and the only hope for mankind is to figure out how to travel long distances in space since our lease on Earth is about to run up. Message me. Most of ya'll are cool...

Pink Floyd=Beethoven

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