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so basically i smoke a lot of weed. and i think jesus was an alien. probly. at least maybe. theres a chance man.

this is why we need to change our society, to live off the land like we used to.

i have a lil series of a story of jesus's journey to earth and how he was an alien and pretended to be god kinda, you gotta see for yourself dude

i love listening to albums all the way through kinda my new thing some all time favorites include but not limited to neil young's zuma and on the beach, pink floyd's the wall, beatle's abbey road, led zepp IV, i could go all day here.

aaaaaand what else, blackberry kush is awesome and im a philosopher and lyricist interpreter of sorts. if that makes sense. i like poetry and music, i play guitar and im fucking ok at it maybe, and harmonica a little

i love the blues. message me if you have the balls. that means no women. haha jk



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