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Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Smoke weed every day. <3
Lets chill and smoke!

I am a Freelance Graphic Designer part time, full pledge cannabis lover for life <33 I play guitar and love to sing. I have a beautiful, Marijuana lovin girlfriend. Those are so hard to find, but I got so lucky to have a girl like her! I am a college student in the amazing city of Indianapolis, Indiana. Its seriously the best city in the world.

If anyone ever needed anything designed for them I could totally look you up. I do custom just about anything. You name it, Ill design it! (: In my free time I love to do photography, both digital and classic 35mm film based SLR cameras. Skateboarding is another one of my past time hobbies. Theres nothing quite like the feeling of a board underneath your feet. Except for some green hits off a bowl.

I love Cannabis in a way thats indescribable. It's a way of life, body, mind, and spirit. The plant that brings healing, love, and peace. Friend me, comment, upvote, and so on, and so on!!! (: Loved to chat about anything Marijuana related, or just about anything. Just hit me up, message me! One love guys <3



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