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I'm Sophie an I smoke a hella lot of bud ^_^
I'm a pretty easy goin person. People mistake me to be a bitch jus cause, with I've repeatedly been told, I always look pissed or sad. I'm actually quite happy like most of the day, everyday lol. I am pretty crazy too..
I have a very broad selection of genre's of music i like. My favorites are 'Oldies', 'Rock', and 'Country'. I usually hang out with a lot of people that like 'Rap'. So I guess I jus gotta like that a lot too hah. I'm a pretty fun person to party with, or even hang out with. I like new people. 'Cept for creepers.. Yeah, I want them to stay Da Fuc away from me lol.
I love the idea of being free. I'm an a American with all the freedom in the world! I don't believe in Society's law or Man's. I was born by God's hand and it is his rules I shall follow. FREE WILL, BITCH!!!!!!! :D
hmmm If you wanna know more jus ask :D



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