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Ok , well.HI..I'm Cindy. I've smoked everyday pretty much for the last 10+ yrs. I love my weed. It is amazing to me that this herb is illegal when alcohol isn't. I've used MJ for my Crohn's disease and it has kept my illness in remission for many years. I have recently discovered that I can also use it to control diabetes, pain, and also depression. I do not intend on quitting EVER !! My son is 17and also has Crohn's. When he is out of school, I would prefer that he use it as well. It's way safer than the chemo drugs he takes right now. Zach is super smart & will be attending NC State Univ for aerospace engineering. I'm proud of that kid!!
I love to paint pictures , love bluegrass and I'm learning banjo. I love all music really. Eminem is one of my absolute favorite artists. Oh, and I don't have a lot of patience these days for idiots that believe the bullshit that the gov't preaches about MJ or anything else for that matter. Good God ppl, at least be smart enough to do your own research. My Mom is in her 70's and I hope I can get her to catch a buzz with me before we die. LOL I know she'd love it if she would try it.
Peace people.



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