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Is this allowed?
I sure bet my daddy proud,
A little nigga wit a shaky smile,
On top of the dreams is where I'm found.
Some figured I was Satan-bound,
Until I came back with the style I found,
Then all of the sudden they fixed they faces
Cause of who I know, and the killer places,
That I've stepped,
How many niggas wanna hate cause I left?
How could you blame me and my plan of attack,
Cause I'm risking my soul attack,
Now I'm heard all over the map.
Only rule of thumb,
It don't really matter just where you from,
All that really matter is where you're goin go,
Maybe upstate for somethin,
But you can't rule out these cats for done
Second chances given out for some
All you gotta do is take advantage,
So Maybe you can get yourself a horse and carriage,
Been pinmpin you should think about marriage
Until then get her then
Find yourself and lets begin



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