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Ben. 18. I've got a passion for the herb, an eye for style, an ear for music, and a mind for the world. I listen to hip hop, everything from the funk tracks hip hop samples to old school hip hop, to modern hip hop (but not mainstream), to R&Bish type tracks (The Weeknd, Jmsn, The dream).

I'm interested in fashion and style, as in I dress nicely and know my brands, styles, shoes, etc. I'm a sneakerhead so feel free to talk retro Js with me.

I have a very open and free-thinking mind, however i tend to keep to myself. I'm an introvert, plain and simple, which is why I like this website, it provides an audience for me to present my ideas to. I like to try to think deeper than the surface, but I also like to let the world happen around me. I try not to control most things around me and I just let the pieces fall where they may. I like the core principles of buddhism, such as all struggle is internal. I focus on myself alot, but I figure thats a good thing because I still have no idea who I am.

Lastly, my passion for ganja keeps me running. I smoke everyday, whenever I can. I don't use it medically, but thats ok. I'm a lonely stoner smokin bowls in my basement. The ideas I come up with can be good, or they can be terrible. I'm not ashamed of my ideas, its not like I didn't think them.



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