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Take a journey through the mind of the stoned youth.

About me? I play guitar, drums, piano, violin(kinda), rock band, I freestyle and I love music obviously.Sublime is the greatest band EVER. All me newer highDEAs are song lyrics try to guess what songs they're from. Why are my highDEAs so fucking long? Because fuck you

"As an example to others, and not that I care for moderation myself, it has always been my rule never to smoke when asleep, and never to refrain from smoking when awake."
- Mark Twain

===========HighDEAs-Wall-of-Fame============ - AGATESTONED - If you died and you saw a white light, and headed towards it, I imagine you'd end up in a place where you can read her highDEAs non-stop. Nothing else is worth calling heaven. - Bong_Appétit - Holy Shit! His highDEAs make me want to congratulate myself, I know just by reading them I've become a better human being - Yonkie - Once upon a time there lived a guy , named Yoinkie, who wrote sick fucking stories. THE END. (Note his stories are much better than that one) - MoLTReZ-ØҒШGҜ┼Δ - Quick what's your favorite of the three legendary bird pokemon? That's right Moltrez, now quick who's your favorite highDEA poster? - Wilfred. - All Wilfred does is get high, of course he'd have some bomb ass highDEAs - Cody PIERCE - He pierces your mind, all his highDEAs leave me thinking why in the fuck didn't I think of that - Hempaholic - He is a unicorn, crippled by his disastrous addiction to hemp. In his dark mind you'll find thoughts so bright, that you'll need sunglasses just to read - Bongchief420 - This man has discovered the secrete of teleportation, I know what you're thinking "Bullshit" to that I say, read one of his The Arrival stories and tell me if you didn't go to a place you've never been. - ThomasChong - He broke the only rule and nominated himself, just goes to show he thinks outside the box - Elnicko - His ideas are the greatest thoughts the gods themselves could come up with - TrollJizz - Her thoughts are a beacon of light that shines in place no one ever dared to dream it could reach - TheGrouch - In addition to living in a fucking trash can, he raps really really well - RZA the Abbot - This man is the Jesus Christ of fresh beats, he died for your spins. No he didn't really die, and I hope he lives a long long life filled with boats and hoes - CamBam - This man is to writing what Einstein is to physics, or the best part of a dangerous insect, he is, The Bee's Knees! In all seriousness make sure you subscribe to his YouTube page - Smiggie Balls - Those bastrads may have taken Biggie Smalls but at least they left us this legend. Smiggie Balls for mayor! - SirKushington - The highest knight of the round table, right after Sir Smokesalot of course. He is king Arthur's personal philosopher. - herbs - Believe it or not I think this guys a prophet. He wrote the ultimate source of knowledge known as The Truth. - NotHilarious - He's a man, man.

Wall of famers are picked based on whether their creative and good, if you post like that you should get noticed but you can't reclommend yourself to be on and I pick the winners.



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