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Hello, friend, my name's Tory Phillips, and I love to get high too.
(everyone nonchalantly in unison): "Highhhh, Toryyyy."
Whoa, whoaaa, AA Meeting Style up in here, you say?
Ah hell nah, that's where you got us wrong, fooo.
Forget that Reefer Madness you've heard propagandized ever since that ol' 'timber-bully', Anslinger had to go and help ruin the fun for all of us, we stoners aren't half that bad once you give us a shot. (or a spliff, more appropriately) ;)
Here's the secret dibs on this stoner right' cheeer just hoping to be yo frann anyways, RIGHT HURR--------------------->
I'm stoned now, but I can 'alter' this later if it changes too, I suppose. ;)
I'm currently 18, soon to change on the 22nd of December.
(fuck yeah for being able to buy my own rillos soon)
-I live in Alabama, one of the fewer states with 19+ smoking laws.
No, I've never had sex with my cousin, and yes,
I do own a pair of shoes. (typically asked Alabama questions)
Well, now that that's been settled...
I ramble... A LOTTT. But I ramble all the time.
I feel like my mouth can never keep up with my mind.
I live on campus four hours from my home near the gulf,
(smoking my 3.7 starting-GPA up my way on the Dean's List)
^^^HAHA, fuck them niggas saying stoners are stupid, yo.
and now I REALLY miss smoking pot in my warm bedroom..
I'm left-handed, gay, and also colorblind to red hues.
(you would think a gay lefty could be spared from the only existing .04% of all colorblind females IN THE WORLD, but I've had "Griswold Luck" my entire life, so I accept my differences.
Oh, speaking of which, I forgot to tell you..
I'm open-minded to any aspect you believe in, you can even "TRY ME!!" :p
Messages and comments totally kick upvotes' asses,
but I'm one of those weird kids who loves to listen to anyone else willing to talk.
I try to lead a good life, do good things, and not be disappointed when bad things happen.
I don't like to hold bias opinions, and I take something good from everything I face.
I'm sure you and I alike both enjoy the many uses of that hip hemp, mary jayneeeee.
But music was thankfully forever changed in my life by that beautiful plant.
I've played guitar and piano-styled instruments ever since 3rd grade by ear,
and I owe my gained skills to Marijuana for showing me the emotion to music, rather than technicality.
My thoughts are always too scattered, but I feel like they have good intentions.
I love being creative, writing raps and drawing random pictures,
but I love gaining knowledge any way that I can.
History and societal aspects of ideology are favorite things of mine to study.
I love any type of intellectual conversation forreal.
I hope that maybe one day I can help lead a great revolution to change the world,
To Decriminalize or Legalize this innocent victim we love, marijuana,
and to hopefully end as much ignorant discrimination as possible.
The only thing that can hold us back from change is silence.
Taco Bell, any type of food, and any random entertainment: hell yeah.
I love having friends that inspire me to be a better person,
and hopefully if you've read this all I've inspired you to further our friendship and get to know me.
Just hit me up anytime, I'm never too high to respond.
Take it easy, dear friend.
And I hope you enjoy this site just as much as I do.



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