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I'm pretty high right now, saying that i know that most of the things i write here wont make sense to the sober mind.
With that out of the way, I had a dream the other day, a dream i was looking for something, somewhere, i didn't know what what it was but i searched for pretty much the entire dream. Well i think i did, you know what dreams are like hahah. Anyway when i woke the next day with the strange urge to search my room, i didn't know what i was looking for but i still did it. Under the bed, television, draws, in out shake it all about... sorry a bit of topic. Anyway about 20 minuets later and just as I'm about to throw in the towel i decide to take one last search. Under the television stand, in game cases, coats even in my pillow. Then i looked inside my Inception DVD case and BANG, a nice chunk of Mary Jane just staring right back at me. Then i remembered that about a month ago i got myself a nice half oz of my local and whilst super baked decided to stash a bit away but i had completely forgot about it because i didn't run out of weed till the week after and by then i had been baked everyday so yeah I'm just rambling on now, Long story short dreams are fucking great.

I have no idea why i felt the need to put that in the about me section but yeah, i just took another hit from King Bong so peace out fellow stoners!



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