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I am an intellectual geek female, with alot of unchanneled creativity. I beleive my true creativity reaches maximum potential when I smoke weed, and that is what led me to this site. I tend to take advantage of these moments to share and utilize my epiphanies instead of sitting on them and letting them go to waste. I am an artist at heart, in drawing, music, and literature. I enjoy roleplaying (I.E. dungeons and dragons), gaming, and just sitting and philosophizing the shit outta everything. I love getting high and sitting in jam sessions. My fav music when Im high is infected mushrooms. I am working on learning an instrument, since I have no idea how to channel all the music I have in my head. I tend to hang out with guys, who condsider me one of the bros. I don't like most women, because of the trivial bitches they can be. I am a deep thinker, and just want to share my thoughts.



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