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Born and raised in southern cali. I love it here and i hate it here! I want to travel and explore the world and be in new places. Im a medical marijuana patient and i am very thankful for that :D. I love ALL music! I mean ALL music, i was in choir all four years in high school so i love to sing music write music and rap. I smoked weed almost every day in high school and graduated with a 4.0! Im very proud of that lol stoners ARE smart! I enjoy interesting comments and funny random tags more than most highdeas.Ive always wanted to be a stand up comedian.. if we smoked together i would probably make you laugh, atleast i think im pretty damn funnny. Im not a starving college student, just a college student with munchies 24/7. Feel free to message me or befriend me. Oh and i prefer bongs :]!



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