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Hi....My name is Ish. 19 years young

I can be honest and say some really deep, and thought provoking shit about myself. But will you really care? Does anything I have to say actually matter? Nah..not really.

But I use book words and say things in different way so i'm interesting to talk to right?

See, I could write a million things about myself right here but why?
Nothing but knowledge needs to be know, and tellin pointless details about me does little more then provide a glimpse into what I really see and know.

Words I will leave you with though are, Always think for yourself and never forget that knowledge is key to almost every door in life. Realize what is real and realize what is just mindless bullshit. (Here's a hint. 95% of it all? Yeah, just mindless bullshit.)

The last thing I will say to everyone is, no matter who you are or what ur dysfunction seems to be, always be your fucking self. That goes for the crazy black dude on the bus, the faggot singing Drake songs in the hallway, the loud bitch who won't shut up, all of you. I may hate your very existence, but remember. You only have one life. Why spend it trying to be someone you're not.?

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