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There is no immortality of soul, thus there is no greater good. Therefore everything is permitted.

Second-to-last of the Flying Hellfish
N.A.W.B. Certified.

I forget every trouble, poverty does not dismay, death does not terrify me; I am possessed entirely by those great men. And because Dante says:
Knowledge doth come of learning well retained,
Unfruitful else,

Miles Davis, Marvin Gaye, John Coltrane and Bob Marley
created the Atmosphere at my party

whenever you're feeling the urge to dope, don't
or do, i don't really care.

'He got into a fight.'
'With who?'
'The Seventh Grade.'

life's not always funny, bet im lucky enough to get the last laugh

The first step was birth
Now forever cursed to analyze his self-worth
The second step was belief
He had to make that move before he even grew teeth
The third step, respect awareness
He could trip over the next step if he's careless
That next step, number four, was love
Can't touch it without stepping the other three above
As he froze for a moment
Ignoring the remaining ones
He was approaching, focus stolen
Looking down at his hands to see what he was holding
Nothing, empty
No choice but to keep going
The fifth step felt like a misstep
It was a re-evaluation of the first four
The anxiety, fear of what it hurts for
Caught in somewhere between the earths core
And the first floor
When he finally made it to step six
He could no longer see it for what it is
All of his views and family and life were askew
Number six had been twisted by the previous two
The last step, the seventh
Was the only thing left that kept him outside of heaven
One last breath and everything could be pleasant
Life through death, man's final lesson


- Will Ferrell


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