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little information about me =)
things i like: Girls, Music, Weed, Sex, Food, and Drinks.
things i dislike: (i dislike to dislike something) basically nothing.

Music: Dubstep, rock, chill-out, reggae, metal, country, hip-hop, jazz, blues, guitar solos (any kind), and the list is really long if you have some good music just let me know i love new stuff :)

Girls: I love everything about girls.

Weed: I love everything about weed.

Sex: oh, this one is my favorite.. just ask and I'll let you know everything

Food: same as above :P

Drinks: same as above as above as above as... you get the point :)

p.s. i love meeting new people, especially girls :) so don't be shy..
* my moto: You can see a beautiful world only with red eyes. *
My HighDEAS:|_______________________________ <---- Best highdea..| ---------------/



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