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i write dumbshit

bio: i get stoned, chuck on some steve vai, grab my guitar and start thinking i can play it... if u didnt see it i said "thinking"

i dont like it when people pull out the whole 1000+ names of weed playing card.... i dont give a shit what its called, im still gonna hit that

i once farted on the train and pointed to the guy next to me... and it WORKED!

a short list of my music list... steve vai, joe satriani, jimi hendrix, pink fylod, sublime, paul gilbert, bob marley, ub40, eric johnson, john pretucci, dream theatre, stevie ray mafucking vaughn, van halen, led zepplin, metallica, john 5, eazy-e, ice cube, psy, lady of rage, \m/ PANTERA \m/, lupe fiasco, andy mckee, big pun, necro, ill bill, mr hyde, arsonist, afro man, skrillex, epic rap battles on youtube, southpark cds, nine leaves, cypress hill, mr tounge twister (not twister, the before twister) katchafire, hmmm and old school eminem... before he went queer

i dont like 'sobers'



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