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I have this tugging, it rests deep in the bottom of my heart, that tells me to get up and go. To see. To feel. To be. To live. I want to become, experience, change, inspire, witness, touch, taste, feel, smell, desire, smile, frown, dance, cry, I just want to feel really alive.
The world we live in today, is a blind world, a world of blacks and grays and whites. Of false securities and even falser loves, of faked smiles, faked orgasms, we all live a seemingly endless existence, we act as we have all the time in the world to live out our every hope and dream. We say, tomorrow, I'll be better, next week, I'll try harder, next year, I'll get it done. & then you see yourself fading away. Everyone is so unhappy and no one even knows it.
I say, be truly happy, when you are happy. Don't smile to please people. Don't be fake. Be real. Experience things. Stop watching your televisions and live, while you still have a life too.

I'm Emalee, I have a big heart. I truly do. I want to run away and explore. I want to see the world for exactly as it is. I allow myself to witness all the bad, so that I can truly appreciate the good for everything that it's worth. I want to become ______, and I will.♥

I have highons, [] haha.
I love you. <3



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