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I've smoked weed for 6 and a half years now, been a stoner for bout 5 years. I'm 17 almost 18. I love weed, without it Id still be an asshole. Seriously, i was a huge dick before i started smoking and chilled out, there is no bigger regret in life than looking back and wishing you hadnt been mean or said things to hurt other good people.

I prefer bongs, and I can make one outta anything, and they hit better than most store bought. I love me some Red Hot Chili Peppers, any heavy metal, and I love techno. I live in prescott valley, arizona. I've tried it all, everything short of DMT, but Marijuana you stole myyou heart <3 :3. I prefer Indica over Sativa. I used to grow, and dealed for a wile, I would never rip anybody off. Im always as nice as i can be as long youre not a prick. I enjoy spreading the love. Lighthouses rule! PEACE OUT! And I want you to know that Firefly is the all time best space scifi.

It seems like everyones drifting away now. All my friends are moving, quitting bud, or going to jail. I'm left here, alone. Maybe it's about time to stop smoking :/

That's outdated damn!! I'm 20 now and I smoke bud on occasion to relax only shortly after "random" yet very consistently scheduled UA's



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