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Im devanna, answering lately to dee.
Im a complete fuck-up.
I do not try to impress.
I am a disappointment to almost everyone in my life .
I have good friends who 'get me' better than anyone else and will contradict the statement above this one.
On that note, we're a tight group so don't fuck with my friends .
Im a actress at heart, i act, sing, dance.
Nirvana, zeppelin and my friends will forever be the most important things to me.
I like football(dallas cowboys + redskins) , wrestling(roddy piper), and baseball(yankees).
I chew on everything, straws toothpicks, pens
I believe in ghosts
I attend Williamstown High School
Jersey isn't the place for me
I speak my mind and I can come off as an asshole ...but that's just because I am one
I'm starting to lose my mind
I go from zero to Chris Brown on a scale of pissed in 2.6 seconds
I dance like a ballerina to Attack Attack!
I'm real, yet easily replaced.
I really don't have anything to hide.
I'll never be like you .
And that is a promise I intend to keep, I'm stong enough.



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