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"I'm not trying trying to pressure anyone here...but someone should really get the zebra to stop staring at me...It's creeping me out."

Konichiwa people...I like strawberry soda...strobelights...and candy. I'm easily confused...but I'm reeaally good at pretending I understand. :D

My interests are very vast and hard to contain in this white empty space as my brain will not allow me to think of them at this moment...I promise to get back to you on that you should totally ask me whatever you want to know.

Oh...and I'm new hampshire girl...lived here my whole 18 if anyone's nearby enough and needs a buddy...I'll try my best. ^_^

P.S. I came across a post that I thought was really interesting and grabbed my attention, made by a user named Alistor. The comments are filled with creative additions...including my own of course...and are a wonderful thing to get lost in...I was reading them for almost an hour before I even posted myself. This is the post here:

I encourage anyone who hasn't seen it to take a look. :)



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