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Hey! Thanks for visiting! Ummm... basic information.... I like to take cool pictures of my nugs haha..................................... ---> I like to change that pic every month or so to another newer picture, usually it's my favorite weeds and I love when I can actually trust the names of my buds haha I'll only post pics of nugs I can name on here. this one is currently -kush- and I'll always keep that little name current with the picture but now I'm going on a tangent and I'm delaying anything about me... I'm 19, currently attending college for math (might switch to astrophysics soon because it's cooler), When it comes to music I listen to a little bit of everything, but I have exceptional passions for lyrical hip-hop and old school doo-wop. I especially love the knowmads. That seems like a sufficient bio.

If anything is on your mind at all, anything causing you stress, message me about it. Right now.

You know...
If you want to.

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