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Ritz and crunchy peanut butter is awesome, man. So is liberalism. Rich people should help out the poor, man! We fuckin need that shit! Also, that's the first blunt I ever rolled that I am smoking in my picture. I really care about people, man. Like, if you whooped someone's ass... that sucks. Now they're all fucked up. Ya know? Idk. This world's too violent. I find it annoying that when I disagree with how something was said, the motherfucker wants to fight. It's not as if whoever loses the fight has to adopt the viewpoint of the victor. It's pointless violence. Ya know, guns are bad too. The argument against it is "if people have more guns, there will actually be less violent crimes, because criminals don't know who possesses firearms." Right. The problem with this, however, is that it creates violent crimes. If a kid has a gun just because he can, and he gets beat up, maybe he goes and shoots that kid. All for an ass whoopin. No bueno, man.



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