Well, smoking is harmful to health. We have acknowledged it long ago, and people have been figuring out the best alternative choice to cut down habitual smoking. And e-juices and e-cigarettes are considered as the most preferred choices these days.


so if they ever did a biopic for Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario, it should be titled, "Ït'sa Me!"


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Alpha is dead but don't sweat it;
She waxed, Bled poetic,
Head shredded with phonetics till she begged for her pathetic
Not to sound emo.
I fell in a hole about four years ago.
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Spit fire
Abhor the lords of the board penetrating your gourd. Don your tinfoil hat and reflect in, not out.
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Imagine having parents, and the dad dies, so the mom remarries to a younger man, but then the mom dies, and the step dad remarries to a younger woman, and it’s just a continuous cycle of opposite spouses dying, and remarrying younger each time. You’d have an infinite # of parents.


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