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Some ones gotta put the seconds to show on the videos . Im over here hogh as fuck watching that shit on repeat for 30 minutes . I never lnow when it ends


A terrible name for a social media platform. A great name for a weed delivery service.


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i can't blame anyone for thinking that come to think about it. there's a special word for girl dogs and for boy cats and none for boy dogs (that we commonly use- a boy dog is a cur) or for girl cats. we don't think of sheep as all the same sex because we use a special word for each sex. we do it with goats too, they can be billy goats and nanny goats. on another matter it's funny how many animals have human names. billy goat. tom cat. jenny wren. robin. anyway. ah but what's a female cow,... read more »


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from when i was a burnout high schooler who did a lot of adderall
now im a burnout adult junky who likes to do speedballs and smoke meth
still love weed though- im stoned as hell right now, i had to use birthday candles to light my pipe because no lighter. lol.


Everyone that sees this that still comes to this site every now and then, both old-school and new-school, should try to make an effort to visit this 4/20 for a HighDEAS community reunion.

Let's attempt to make an event to come together and check in on the day that gives us all something in common.

Whether you check in to participate, or just choose to come for the nostalgia.
This could be the last 420 HighDEAS has the opportunity to celebrate before our community dies... read more »