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cover songs are just professional musicians doing karaoke


You know how when you poop sometimes you turn around and are like “wow look at that amazing creation”? well I would like to be able to do the same for my farts. It would also help when trying to waft them in my girlfriends face xD


They have this material called “Graphene”. It’s strong as fuck. Mad stronger than steel and way lighter. It’s some molecular Shit. Well we take this graphene and make a really long top that would stretch the distance from the earth to the moon. We build large “anchors” on the earth and moon. Then we tie the graphene rope to a rocket. Shoot it to the moon and attach it. Or simply attach it to a space station we have In orbit. The rope should be enough out of orbit to make the rope caught in... read more »


I had drunk half a cup of coffee, before realising i hadnt put any sugar in (yuck).
But just as i went to put some sugar in, i looked in my cup and realised i had also forgot to put the coffee and milk in too.

I had been drinking just hot water and didnt even notice. lol


Everything we are and everything we do is a series of chemical reactions