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Practicing Meditation to reduce stress is becoming mainstream in America. Today, 9.3 million Americans meditate, fueling a $1+ billion industry comprised of meditation studios, books, DVDs, workshops, online courses, websites, apps and supplies. Like the yoga market, which has seen a major increase in the past decade, meditation is experiencing strong growth.

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The Gigs & Side Hustles Economy: A Market Analysis report examines the fast-growing “gig” economy—what it is, how it works, who the leaders are, and why it has grown. Gigs, or short-term, part-time jobs, have become a lot more popular among U.S. consumers, many of whom were hurt by the Great Recession and want to diversify their income streams. Technology has played a big part, as mobile apps and online platforms have made it much easier to connect with customers and get paid quickly.... read more »


The U.S. Weight Loss Market is now worth a record $72 billion, but the number of dieters has fallen, due to the growth of the size acceptance and body positivity movement. Do-it-yourself plans still abound as consumers use free diet & fitness apps. Consumers are shunning processed foods and artificial ingredients, but frozen food makers have adjusted and sales are showing signs of growth. Commercial diet chains are posting strong growth. Many untapped niches still exist.


UAE Elevator & Escalator Market (2019-2025)
Market Forecast By Types (Elevator and Escalator), By Applications (Commercial, Industrial and Residential), By Services (New Installation, Maintenance and Modernization), By Regions (Northern and Southern) and Competitive Landscape


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Global Dairy Ingredients Market: Analysis By Type (Milk Powder, Milk Protein, Whey Ingredients, Casein and Caseinates, Lactose and Derivatives), By Source, By Production Method, By Application, By Region, By Country (2019 Edition): Opportunities and Forecast (2014-2024) - By Source (Whey Based, Milk Based), By Production Method (Membrane Separation, Traditional Method), By Application (Dairy Products, Bakery and Confectionery Products, Infant Milk Formula, Sports and Nutrition, Others)

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