Smoking makes me either really good or really bad at everything I do. Like I’m good at video games but bad at sports. But boy oh boy can I snowboard fried. I pull the sauciest stuff. It really makes me so much better when I’m high


Smoking makes me either really good or really bad at everything I do. Like I’m good at any video game but terrible at sport related things. But boy oh boy can I snowboard. I pull the sauciest shit when I’m fried. It baffles me every time


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Was trying to tag my dad in something for half an hour but the remembered he doesn’t have Facebook


Hello,my name is Cesar,and i just finally graduated after 6 years of Physician Surgeon, just a friendly reminder that you can always smoke a joint or two a day and still be able to study properly,or work if you put your mind and effort into it.

Embrace the functional stoner of the 21st century.



In today's quick track life where lots of people are stuck with less active day work, it's not unusual to see instances of postural problems, specifically among the millennials. Postural issues are not confined to one age or type of individuals. Such problems happen for various factors consisting of use innovation, way of life, excessive use portable games & computers and of course, age.

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