What happened to this site?
It used to be full of genuine highdeas, some seriously funny threads and a real sense of community.
I had made some genuine friendships through this site.
I'm actually sad and disappointed.
Are there any stoners on here still from the good days? Or at least someone that is an actual stoner that isn't a troll just spewing out copy and pasted articles from utter nonsense websites?


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Today I learned my coworker received close to a million dollars when his father passed. He bought a house became a drug addict and blew all the money. He now owes the IRS 80000 for not paying taxes on the money he received. Makes me wonder what would happen to me in this situation. Perhaps a million dollars is the worst thing you could give someone while you sit back and watch them self implode.


When I worked at subway I wrapped plastic wrap around my eyes like a blind fold. Only thing that worked 100% for preventing burning eyes while cutting onions. Plus it was really funny when a customer walked in and was like wtf is going on? Are you ok? I've tried all other home remedies all are bs.


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Did you ever fart & it sounds like a stock sound effect? Makes me wonder.


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