Then you could just do a burnout at the stoplight and get everybody High AF


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I sit here. In darkness. Reminded why I'm alone. Not affection or love from whom I hold dearly. A cold career holds me back with no physical love or emotional, just support for a endless dream life style that is empty. Surrounded by people, surrounded by everyone but yet still dead alone. The rain pours. The rain stomps. The rain destroy the reign of my heart.


not really a highdea, more like i got stoned and logged into my account for the first time in like 8 years.

how the fuck did i remember my user name and password? lol


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So my friend and I are smoking out on the porch & we hear this fucking screech off in the darkness. I instantly get freaked out and she's like "There's a peacock that roams around the neighborhood.". Just imagine bumping into a random peacock while toasted at 11pm.


Sitting here starring at the new window and new view. New place and new feels, connections lost in the static as we enter a new plain. Sitting here where my new creative mind will be forced to make and craft, but emtion will remain stiff inside and it must hide. Maybe one day everything will line back up, maybe it is a drop to make me stop and think. One day I will be in sync, as I stare out this new window.