I'm so high that I am practicing my good lion roar.


I've been allergic to eggs for 18 years but I got my allergy test results last month and they said I'm not allergic to them anymore so I'm now just eating mayonnaise for the first time in my life. it's orgasmic. couldn't even describe the please I had when the mayonnaise hit my tounge, being absorbed by the taste buds. The amount of dopamine sprouting from my brain was beyond proportion of any other sort.


I'm equally disturbed at the thought of a 1920's couple saying "69" and the alternative of whatever the previous term could have been. I hope it was something like "co-felatio." All that's to say, when did the common term for that particular sex act become "69"?


feels like l have a deep hole in my stomach,an unquenchable hunger ..


I work for social services and I often have to drug test clients. I also am subject to random drug tests but I still enjoy smoking every week. When I first started my job I quit smoking for a good 4 weeks and once I started I had access to an unlimited supply of 12 panel dip urine tests. After a month or so I began experimenting, I would smoke on Friday after work and take a drug test every day until I would pass. What has been working for me is taking 1-2 hits of a bowl on Friday and I... read more »


Highdeas returns again from the dead, yet the Fucking robots are still here.


Life is too fast. I want to really impress myself before I die. Nobody else. Haven't managed that just yet.


People say don’t forget the little things and I don’t. Like when I stay in a hotel I can’t help but think, who ordered all this furniture, and someone had to order 5,000 locks and door knobs, and why doesn’t the 9 floor fall on the 10, more often? We are ignorantly blessed.