4 minutes and 20 seconds is like the perfect length for a song. Not too short, not too long


today was free slurpee day, and it was fucking great. too bad they skimp the shit out of you with thie two inch shot glasses hahah oh well


instead of carrying around a gun everywhere, i got my lighter.
instead of going around arresting people for weed, i go around smoking with people.
instead of having a badge to show what i do, i got my eyes!


The blunt or your best friend that just had sex with your mother


me and my friends were talking about it. how fucking awesome would it be if there was a 5 gum theme park and the rides were like the commercials. i know i'd go. especially if i went stoned.


But weed is so much better when you smoke it on the beach.


Take your favorite peice. Now go get in your car. Get your favorite music prepared, and proceed to drive to the car wash preferably at night. It's just more peaceful at nigh, less people to see and maybe where your from you may find the streets and town very lonely at night. Take many rips and let your favorite songs pulse through your body and the vibrations of the water and sponges and other various soft things going against your car.


I'm going to make a cooking show on the cooking network that's main demographic will be cannabis users. I'll be the host and it'll show how to make munchies out of basic shit in your kitchen for when you're broke and you don't have any good food in your house. Because that shit happened to me today and I was upset. But you know what I did? I made one brownie in a coffee mug and microwaved it. It was good and easy and quick and made out of normal shit that everyone has in their house! very... read more »