Get really baked with your friends and try to continue every conversation through the night without using the word 'like'.

You cant do it.


put on a low cut shirt with a push up know, that moment when you realize the girls look amazing...and just look down and realize "my tits are so awesome!"

ladies, it doesnt matter big or small, black or white..boobs are boobs, and men love boobs!
I'm a chick supporting showing off the girls : ]


I was vaccuming my house today and I happened to accidently vaccum up a fatass nug that had fallen off my coffee table. I was bummed at first, but then I thought of it as an oppurtunity to share my weed with the dust bunnies in my vaccum. Im thinking about vaccuming up some taco bell up aswell, enjoy dust bunnies.


14 years ago...... google search United States Patent 5,676,977
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instead of getting paid in trident layers you could get paid in dank O.o... that must be what heaven is like


My friends and I were smoking and really high. Our eyes were all bloodshot too. We went to walmart to get eyedrops. There we were, the three of us in line at 11:30 at night to get a $2 bottle of maximum strength redness relief eyedrops.

I didn't make eye contact with the cashier.


Does anyone else have that go-to person to text when you are smoking by yourself?


Saying "You're addicted to pot" is like saying "You're addicted to masturbation"
Yeah I can stop, but what's the fucking point?


i dont know about u, but as for me, i get hard ass munchies EVERYtime i get high. so i was wondering, what would happen if i had an infinite supply of edibles from the club, but nothing else to eat? i would eat em, get stoned, get the munchies, eat more edibles, get more stoned, more munchies, eat more, more stoned, more munchies... itd be a never ending cycle! & eventually id eat my fat ass to death?


I am so high that i just meowed at my dog.

He was asleep.

I woke him up.

We were both very confused.