Have you ever been completely stoked to do something, then smoked a bowl before your amazing activity then subsequently decided that you would rather sit on your couch and eat and play black ops all day.... Haha oh well, I doubt this will be my sisters only wedding xD


Ive never been a big fan of the term “broken heart”. Some people think that having someone not return your love would lead to a heart that is broken, but its actually quite the opposite. My heart goes into overdrive when that happens, and there is nothing broken about it. I am full of feelings, and thoughts, and emotions, and it sometimes it feels as though I cant handle all the feelings going through my heart and my soul.


I hate packing. I am, you could say, the chronic over-packer. I never know what I should take and what I shouldn`t take, so I end up taking almost every piece of clothing I own. Almost every trip i`ve ever taken, I end up wearing only 60% of the clothes I bring with me. This wouldn`t really be a big problem(like they always say, its better to be over prepared then under), except a few simple rules I forgot about my trip.


Masterbated today without a vibrator.......

Old school bitches!!!!!


'that guy' opens their mouth, it's like automatically I'm like "fuck, he's talking, god damnit"


I'm staying at a girls place and I have to take a massive shit in her bathroom


I feel bad for left-handed people. They're less fortuate. We have to write from left to right, causing the poor bastards to smudge what they just wrote. Think about it!
Door nobs are on the right.
Shift nobs are too!

And we call this an equal country >.>

This toke is for you, left-handed fellows.


my principal decided to have a drug sweep of the school..

k9 unit and everything....

20 kids got caught, and i was still high as fuck sitting in homeroom.

this next hits for you, comrades.


house dogs r like americans.good life, privileged, eat a lot.
wolves r like native americans.proud, move in groups, live in nature
and coyotes r like homeless people.skinny, have had a hard life, kinda smell bad but u feel sorry 4 them


"We were born too late to explore the earth, and too early to explore the universe."