I wonder if there are people who feel this high all the time without any drugs
happy-as-Larry huffing on life

Incidentally, happy 4:20 west coast :)


I was watching nick jr. one time when i was high and all the sudden a cute music video with these cartoon birds start playing haha nd its 3 little birds by bob marley ! Sure little kids are growing up to fast these days but it made me happy to see them playing bob marley, one of the few good things they're being taught. Because, he is one of the most inspirational people that has ever lived. :D


Seriously, people gossip every which way about shit they know nothing about, people try to talk shit to you, you can't just be left the fuck alone, everyone is out into little "cliques", basically all this shit I hate. Man, I need some more weed.


I love Mac n cheese, I eat it all the time. Every time I try to open the box I push on the top where they outline it for you to make it easier for you to open. Yea we all know that's bull shit. But I still try to open the box that way every time hoping maybe one time it will open how it is suppose to open.


I told my mom I smoke weed a lot
and she's cool with it...
so that's pretty sweet


14 years ago...... google search United States Patent 5,676,977
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today was free slurpee day, and it was fucking great. too bad they skimp the shit out of you with thie two inch shot glasses hahah oh well


(illuminati backwards)
and see what comes up
seriously, do it!
I wouldn't waste your time

did ya do it yet?
......CRAZY SHIT RIGHT!?!?!?!


I was at my friends house hanging out in his basement playing Call of Duty when his mom said she was going to yoga. Obviously the first thing that came to mind was blazing. We immediately went outside and started to walk down the street until we came to a sign that said no trespassing. Without a word i looked at my friend and he looked right back at me and we both knew that this would be a perfect spot. We found a way to get through the gate. Once inside the closed off area, we were looking... read more »