i got caught smoking yesterday, i was so high that the whole time my parents were talking and yelling at me i was focusing on how funny there faces looked.. all red and angry, making funny expressions, it was all worth it. Smoke on friends! Damn the man!


I dont think you should really be allowed to wear a hemp bracelet if you dont understand the stoner philosophy...



I found like a pound of weed in my dad's closet but it was literally dirt. I asked him where he had gotten it and he said he got it from a mexican construction worker a few years ago. I then asked him if I could have it to sell to freshmen...he said no. Ohwell.


Doesn't matter where you are or who you're with, just put in eye drops.

They'll have to make a joke about weed or something,

and if you know they don't smoke, tell them you didn't get much sleep.


Fall in love with everyone you meet, even a stranger on the street. When you talk to them, let your mind feel like you've known them forever. Love them like a family member. We're all in this confusing realm of reality together, so why not make it a little easier on each other?


people gotta stop being so shy and insecure or judgmental get out of your cage and enjoy the free world it offers you new things foods places that you've never been to before, plus it has weed growing from the ground


...is just the contents of a cell in the body of a massive creature?


Hooray, I awake from yesterday,

alive but the war is here to stay.

So my love Catherina and me

decide to take our last walk through the noise to the sea'

not to die, but to be re-born

away from lands so battered and torn, forever.

Oh say, can you see it's really such a mess ?

Every inch of earth is a fighting nest,

giant pencil and lipstick tube shaped things,

continue to rain and cause screaming pain,

and the... read more »


i take a ceramics class at school and my favorite thing to do in class is glaze my pottery with crazy colors. i never know how the pot or vase or plate is gonna turn out but when it comes out of the kiln and i hold it for the first time it's like my beautiful trippy glassy child :)