They should have a healthy tea that gets you high, called THTea


wide-screen is pointless? Im sure everyone who gets that option is like duh, full-screen. Why do they even make wide-screen?


Whenever I smoke pot, my eyes get red and I cough alot.
Anyone got any advice or healthy alternatives?


does anyone else see this and think howw tha fuckk did those old ladies get to the grand canyon


were smoking a bowl on the balcony. This kid neither of us have ever met came up and we offered him a hit. To be polite. He took advantage and helped us finish the bowl. Then he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a baggie of what he says is Sour Diesel. He packs the rest of the bowl for us, and gives me the left over. Just goes to show you that a little friendliness goes alooong way.

We kicked it with the kid for the rest of the night.


One thing that everyone in the world has in common is the pursuit of happiness.

Anything that you decide to do in your life, you do it because you want to be happy, either in the short or long run, no matter what it is, whether you know it or not. Even horrible things that people do, they do it to acquire happiness.

Happiness is the one thing that drives people to continue with their lives, knowing that they are happy or hope that they will one day be happy.


How about all of the "stoner girls" stopped calling themselves "stoner girls". Can we just go back to being stoners without gender being involved? I never knew that toking down was a primarily male thing. My smoke circle is made up of a number of people. Guys and girls. And none of the guys think the girls are "one of the bros" because it isn't a masculine thing. It's so stupid that girls are using the fact that they smoke to get attention. Smoking is the greatest, i understand. Smoking... read more »


and right now, our dollar is currently backed by nothing. The only reason it is accepted as currency is because the government will accept it as debt payment, giving it some artificial value. Instead of trying to go back on to the gold standard, we should progress to the marijuana standard where all of your money is backed up by sticky buds of awesome.