it makes everything so much more exciting when your high. like you could be discussing something boring, then BAM! bubbles are the most incredible thing in the world, then BAM! a ladybug is the most important thing ever. It something new to think about all the time. anybody else have this?


My mom gave me her roach clip from the seventies today. It's sweet and has old 1970's resin on it and a gold pot leaf on the part you hold. Thank you for understanding me and never giving me a hard time about smoking, you're the best mom in the world, I love you, Mom. :)


I commented on one highdea that was of a youtube video that the dude made, I guess.
Well, I basically said I didn't like the music (brokencyde... self explanatory.)
He and his friend downvoted a bunch of my highdeas?
Seriously, if you're going to be a dick then get off of here.
Plus, highdeas isn't meant to advertise your home-made youtube videos.
What a buzzkill, dude.


You ever just catch yourself staring into your computer screen for like a whole dubstep song? listening to only one noise.


there are a load of different varieties of them all with different characteristics tho they all belong to the same species
the Man's always trying to harsh their buzz
there's a very uneven ratio of males to females which is unusual for animals (i remember someone else said this here recently, i can't remember who it was, if it was you make yourself known) (also i keep reading that they're supposed to be half and half in the wild but i've seen weed growing in the wild and all the... read more »


America made such a big deal about how terrible weed is so they could convince the entire world to make it illegal... including the hemp plant.

They spend decades campaigning the evils of marijuana as the world slips in to decay that would have been helped by hemp. People suffer and die when they could be helped with marijuana's medicinal benefits.

What next?


Most people were born into a certain one, but if you had other parents, do you realize you would believe whatever one they did too? (not towards everyone)


(Not judging on any one or there religion.) over time somehow people have gotten others to believe in an invisable man in the sky. And he puts u on earth, gives u 10 rules to follow. And if you don't follow them u will go straight through the gates of hell, where u will suffer and burn and choke for all eternity. BUT.. He loves you<3:)

it's just never made any sense to me. If u have any imput let me kno, I'm not trying to go against anyones beliefs.


and his dog the rest of my homemade banana bread muffins.
I feel like I should have good karma for 4/20.