Putting clothes on when they are fresh out of the dryer = best shit ever


And goes to Heaven. God says to him, "You have lived a peaceful, fulfilling life. You may pick one thing from Earth that you love, and have it for 100 years." Of course, his answer is marijuana. God brings him to a room which is filled with the tallest, thickest, dankest weed growing on for acres. The sweet smell from the purest plants fills this enormous room. There were crystals growing on some buds which grew 15 feet high, just begging to be harvested. The quality of the bud would put the... read more »


Today while heading up to go snowboarding we made a little pit stop at a gas station. I got some food and went to pay at the register. I put my card in the same pocket as my weed. So when I went to take my card out I got a nice big wiff of bud. I didn't think anything of it and finished paying but when I turned around there was a police officer standing right behind me. He sniffs a couple times and says, "It smells a little fragrant in here, don't you think?" I just looked down and started... read more »



what if Waldo and Carmen Sandiago go together and had a child? That kid would be incredible at hide and seek.

Now imagine that Osama Bin Laden and Anne Frank had a child. Amazing hide and seek-er as well, right?

Okay. Just picture that these two incredible children grew up and met and fell in love, then had a baby. That child would literally be invisible. Just saying.


"Oh, yes, you try to turn man. Try to control the mind. I will rule by their souls

I will give them gods and the promise of eternal bliss if they live their lives as I say or eternal torment if they do not

You promise them politics and the illusion of choice. You keep them blind and deafened by bright lights and loud noises. You confuse them in to believing your puppets are their true leaders and that they all must work and pay to live now or suffer until death.

They... read more »


Have one of those friends that can make a pipe out of anything ?!?!?!


What if Dr Seuss was a real doctor and while he was giving you his diagnosis he was using all these rhymes and shit.


does anyone else see this and think howw tha fuckk did those old ladies get to the grand canyon


my mom is an addiction medicine councilor and knows i smoke and doesn't care.. because it's not bad! its because she knows that unlike alcohol, weed is made for our bodies. we have cannabinoid receptors for no other reason that to accept all the stuff in pot that gets us high. alcohol, mushrooms, pills whatever else is poison to our bodies and that's why you get sick and can take too many of all of those. our body likes pot and that's why it takes up to 30 days to get it out of our system.... read more »