K so from what i understand trolls are people go on the internet and talk shit. Like they go on youtube and say negative things about the videos. Which always brings up the question, "Why did you search the video in the first place?" WELL i think that in real life when people are bitching or talking shit about people, music, or what ever else they dont like, we should start calling them mother fuggin Trolls. Cuz really if you dont like something, "Why even talk about it in the first place... read more »


damn man, I wish that when you dropped your bong, it would just break into several smaller bongs.


Has anyone else ever eaten pop rocks while totally blazed lol that shits feels like someone's trying to cook bacon on your tongue.


First we have to understand the basic question of evolution: why do we evolve? I think it is to keep up with the rest of nature. Let’s use the examples of foxes and rabbits. Foxes eat rabbits, rabbits run from foxes so they do not get eaten….it’s a simple but deadly game. The slowest rabbits will get eaten first while the fastest escape. Now we have a generation of only the fastest rabbits breeding with the fastest rabbits creating fast rabbit offspring. All the slow ones were picked... read more »


He probably got high and went up to his friends and said, "Dude. You guys gotta try this."


At what age do people stop putting "and 1/2" at the end?


Be so amazing to know more about the lives of Beethoven's ladies? The ones the sonates are written about? I dream about that time sometimes. A whole different world, really. What patient and graceful women they must have been. I am, admittedly, a tad envious.
Ever heard the Moonlight Sonata? What kind of story would have been behind that? If it was written, inspired solely by a woman, what happened, to break his heart in that way? She must have been loved, so loved.


Take your favorite peice. Now go get in your car. Get your favorite music prepared, and proceed to drive to the car wash preferably at night. It's just more peaceful at nigh, less people to see and maybe where your from you may find the streets and town very lonely at night. Take many rips and let your favorite songs pulse through your body and the vibrations of the water and sponges and other various soft things going against your car.


I'm going to make a cooking show on the cooking network that's main demographic will be cannabis users. I'll be the host and it'll show how to make munchies out of basic shit in your kitchen for when you're broke and you don't have any good food in your house. Because that shit happened to me today and I was upset. But you know what I did? I made one brownie in a coffee mug and microwaved it. It was good and easy and quick and made out of normal shit that everyone has in their house! very... read more »


I was trying to tell him this joke earlier that my friend told me.

Me: When is the only time men are smart?
Justin: Always
Me: No, when they have sex. Why are they smart during sex?
Justin: Because they're using their head.
Me: No, because they're plugged into a genius.

Very nice. Lol