what if Waldo and Carmen Sandiago go together and had a child? That kid would be incredible at hide and seek.

Now imagine that Osama Bin Laden and Anne Frank had a child. Amazing hide and seek-er as well, right?

Okay. Just picture that these two incredible children grew up and met and fell in love, then had a baby. That child would literally be invisible. Just saying.


Putting clothes on when they are fresh out of the dryer = best shit ever


what if deja vú meant you lost a life??

and you were starting back off at your last checkpoint?


Have one of those friends that can make a pipe out of anything ?!?!?!


What if Dr Seuss was a real doctor and while he was giving you his diagnosis he was using all these rhymes and shit.


does anyone else see this and think howw tha fuckk did those old ladies get to the grand canyon


isn't that the greatest feeling? somebody took time out of their day to consider your thoughts. so awesome.


"Oh, yes, you try to turn man. Try to control the mind. I will rule by their souls

I will give them gods and the promise of eternal bliss if they live their lives as I say or eternal torment if they do not

You promise them politics and the illusion of choice. You keep them blind and deafened by bright lights and loud noises. You confuse them in to believing your puppets are their true leaders and that they all must work and pay to live now or suffer until death.

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