If Peter piper packed a pipe of purple pot, how many pipes of purple pot could peter piper pack?


"God there's so much shit I gotta do when I get home."
Get home.
Smoke a bowl.
"Fuck it I'll just do it tomorrow."


and right now, our dollar is currently backed by nothing. The only reason it is accepted as currency is because the government will accept it as debt payment, giving it some artificial value. Instead of trying to go back on to the gold standard, we should progress to the marijuana standard where all of your money is backed up by sticky buds of awesome.


the way people view you. Never. You can look in the mirror, but you will never really see yourself. Your image. Only other peoples. Doesnt that blow your mind that you will NEVER really see yourself? Or really hear your own voice? when u hear your voice recording doesnt it sound weird? just like watching urself on tv? Thats because you never really see yourself.


wide-screen is pointless? Im sure everyone who gets that option is like duh, full-screen. Why do they even make wide-screen?


my mom is an addiction medicine councilor and knows i smoke and doesn't care.. because it's not bad! its because she knows that unlike alcohol, weed is made for our bodies. we have cannabinoid receptors for no other reason that to accept all the stuff in pot that gets us high. alcohol, mushrooms, pills whatever else is poison to our bodies and that's why you get sick and can take too many of all of those. our body likes pot and that's why it takes up to 30 days to get it out of our system.... read more »


Do you realize there was a day when you were a kid that you played for the last time, like really played?

Always be a kid! Keep on playing.


my lil brother just came up with the idea of ordering a pizza 5 min before new years and when it got here yelling at the delivery boy because we ordered it a year ago