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I was watching nick jr. one time when i was high and all the sudden a cute music video with these cartoon birds start playing haha nd its 3 little birds by bob marley ! Sure little kids are growing up to fast these days but it made me happy to see them playing bob marley, one of the few good things they're being taught. Because, he is one of the most inspirational people that has ever lived. :D


today was free slurpee day, and it was fucking great. too bad they skimp the shit out of you with thie two inch shot glasses hahah oh well


Is by far the trippiest show to watch when you're high. I mean it, dude. Everything, like... The colors, the visuals, the insanely weird music and sound effects... Holy shit, man. It's like they made it trippy on purpose. This is blowing my miiiiiind...


so i smoked today for the first time with some hillbilly kid.
he found out i was gay a few minutes before we lit up and i was shocked how much his demeanor towards me. i dont really act effiminate at all, most people can even tell.
he was being a fucking douche, talking about how he could out-smoke any fag...
when it was passed to him he looked at me and said, "let me show you how the REAL men do it."
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I smoke pot...
& I have a vagina.
I know, its pretty amazing.


Seriously, people gossip every which way about shit they know nothing about, people try to talk shit to you, you can't just be left the fuck alone, everyone is out into little "cliques", basically all this shit I hate. Man, I need some more weed.


Am I the only one loves going outside on a nice summer day and just sit in the middle of a field and blaze and lets the sun beat on your face and just chill. It might just be the best feeling in the world.


Be so amazing to know more about the lives of Beethoven's ladies? The ones the sonates are written about? I dream about that time sometimes. A whole different world, really. What patient and graceful women they must have been. I am, admittedly, a tad envious.
Ever heard the Moonlight Sonata? What kind of story would have been behind that? If it was written, inspired solely by a woman, what happened, to break his heart in that way? She must have been loved, so loved.