Is by far the trippiest show to watch when you're high. I mean it, dude. Everything, like... The colors, the visuals, the insanely weird music and sound effects... Holy shit, man. It's like they made it trippy on purpose. This is blowing my miiiiiind...


Am I the only one loves going outside on a nice summer day and just sit in the middle of a field and blaze and lets the sun beat on your face and just chill. It might just be the best feeling in the world.


At what age do people stop putting "and 1/2" at the end?


your say
Stoned Friend: Hey man, let me hit this blunt.
Stoned Me: HEY MAN! Dont hit the blunt! Be nice to it.
Stoned Friend: Oh man my bad. Im sorry. *sad face as he looks at the blunt*


Be so amazing to know more about the lives of Beethoven's ladies? The ones the sonates are written about? I dream about that time sometimes. A whole different world, really. What patient and graceful women they must have been. I am, admittedly, a tad envious.
Ever heard the Moonlight Sonata? What kind of story would have been behind that? If it was written, inspired solely by a woman, what happened, to break his heart in that way? She must have been loved, so loved.


I don't want roommate to know I'm high, so I walked past him with 2 cookies on my plate and 8 in my pocket.


So I poured myself a glass of milk, drank a little, then ate some cookie dough. I got really thirsty right after and started drinking my drink. In my head, i thought it was apple juice, so I freaked out and thought the apple juice was rotten. Then i remembered i was drinking milk. then it was yummy.


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