Drop Kicking A Duck because he didnt eat your Bread



It bothers me and also sort of offends me when I see a brilliant idea and the person says "I know this is stupid" or "maybe I'm just high." I mean...it's probably the fact that you actually are high that you thought of such a brilliant idea, so quit being so modest guys! You're all brilliant! You're all smart in one way or another! You're not "just stupid" or you're not "just high" because you have these amazingly intricate ideas. It sort of gives us stoners a bad look when you're pleading... read more »


so i wake up this morning and i turn on some sublime and pack a nice bong when my little sister comes in the room. shes 14 and when i was that age i was getting high already so i decide to sit her down and talk to her. first shes all defensive, busts out the DARE program shit, and i said look, look, you here that guy? his name was Brad Nowell, you know what he died from, heroin overdose. at which point i switched to nirvana, and said hear that guy? Kurt Cobain, you know what he died from,... read more »


anybody that is going to EDC Vegas let me know and you can smoke a blunt with BadMitch friday night.


My friends and I were smoking and really high. Our eyes were all bloodshot too. We went to walmart to get eyedrops. There we were, the three of us in line at 11:30 at night to get a $2 bottle of maximum strength redness relief eyedrops.

I didn't make eye contact with the cashier.


i used to think all stoners carried around a little tavel sized bag with a dub, and a mini lighter, and their bowl with any other mini smoking items..but nope. seems like i'm the only one.


Someone went through EVERY SINGLE one of my highDEAS and downvoted them =(. Meanie. Like thats just wasting time.


How could you not love two legends of basketball: James and Wade. This next joint is for you two.