3 dudes rent a hotel room for $30 a night. They split it in 3's so it's $10 each. later on, the bell boy comes up and says it was only $25, and hands them five 1 dollar bills. they give him $2, and each person gets 1 dollar back. each person ended up paying $9 for the room. 9 x 3 = 27. Plus the bell boys tip = $29. where the fuck is the extra dollar?


K so from what i understand trolls are people go on the internet and talk shit. Like they go on youtube and say negative things about the videos. Which always brings up the question, "Why did you search the video in the first place?" WELL i think that in real life when people are bitching or talking shit about people, music, or what ever else they dont like, we should start calling them mother fuggin Trolls. Cuz really if you dont like something, "Why even talk about it in the first place... read more »


Shouldn't the word "snow" sound like the word "now" but with an "s"?


Has anyone else ever eaten pop rocks while totally blazed lol that shits feels like someone's trying to cook bacon on your tongue.


i was recently taking a gander at some titties and wondered to myself, why in the fuck is it okay for a girl to go out in public wearing a bikini top but not a bra?


I was trying to tell him this joke earlier that my friend told me.

Me: When is the only time men are smart?
Justin: Always
Me: No, when they have sex. Why are they smart during sex?
Justin: Because they're using their head.
Me: No, because they're plugged into a genius.

Very nice. Lol


I hate packing. I am, you could say, the chronic over-packer. I never know what I should take and what I shouldn`t take, so I end up taking almost every piece of clothing I own. Almost every trip i`ve ever taken, I end up wearing only 60% of the clothes I bring with me. This wouldn`t really be a big problem(like they always say, its better to be over prepared then under), except a few simple rules I forgot about my trip.