What if Dr Seuss was a real doctor and while he was giving you his diagnosis he was using all these rhymes and shit.


Putting clothes on when they are fresh out of the dryer = best shit ever


So i really think they need to make a website where you can just type in all the ingredients for stuff you have laying around your house and it will tell you delicious dishes you could make with the food you've got. how boss would that be.


how do i and many other people i know stay so skinnny if all we do is eat? and eat and eat somemore...
this is a real question and I would love a good answer(:


"Oh, yes, you try to turn man. Try to control the mind. I will rule by their souls

I will give them gods and the promise of eternal bliss if they live their lives as I say or eternal torment if they do not

You promise them politics and the illusion of choice. You keep them blind and deafened by bright lights and loud noises. You confuse them in to believing your puppets are their true leaders and that they all must work and pay to live now or suffer until death.

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you have ever dreamed about,
and anyone you dream about in the future.

Today, my psychology teacher told us that the subconscious human mind is physically incapable of creating imaginary people.

So... is this why I always feel like random people look so damn familiar?
And is this where deja vu seeds from?

Damn... I'm high.