But none of my highDEAS ever get popular. 11 is the most upvotes any of my highDEAS has gotten


and water and the minerals dissolved in it .. as complex as we are, unimaginably so, just try to think about how one of your cells works, all the tiny machinery running around doing a million jobs, as complex as we are all we really are is hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorous, and some other bits and bobs..


Today I listened to a kid in my class bash about stoners and nothing pisses me off more than when people talk about how weed is such a "terrible" thing and that people who smoke are "low lifes", but then I get a kick out of people's reaction when they find out I smoke.

I make A’s and B’s.
My GPA is 3.6.
I play softball.
I have never been grounded, been suspended, or been introuble with the law.
I am vice president of my graduating class.
I have the... read more »


it's a "Proven scientific fact" that marijuana causes you to fall behind in your school work and social life. i'm actually doing well in school and my social life is going great. take it from someone who knows...


How sick would it be to have a sesh with the kid from two and a half men. That kid is totally a stoner.


Being in a cold house and grabbing an arm full of warm clothes from the dryer.


Just hear me out on this. I think kids should wait till they're 17 or 18 to smoke up for the first time.


When I'm an elder I can tell kids that back in my day Pluto was a planet