Okay so since my friend is going to Michigan for a week to visit his Aunt, I came over so we could smoke a few bowls before he goes out there. It's always fun smoking with a good friend, you always have a lot of crazy stories to talk about when you're stoned. : D Plus you see your friend do shit that you've NEVER seen him/her do!

So I was making a sandwich in the kitchen & when I got back he was watching That 70's Show on his laptop, playing PS3, talking on the phone, and while... read more »


Who would you rather smoke with?

I'd pick Jack. It would be crazy.


that I'm smoking while my moms at an alcoholics anonymous meeting?


What are your three best highdeas? When I say best, I'm not just asking for your most popular or the most upvoted one, I'm looking for the ones that are original. That highdea that was just to brilliant to go unnoticed yet it only got 3 or 4 upvotes do to just bad timing . Lets say highdeas sent out a message that said you could only keep three highdeas, which would they be?


Why is it you rarely meet girls who smoke mad weed, roll perfect blunts, and can make sick pieces?


how can we give a singular name to a higher power we will never have the means to even begin to understand?


Tonight has been by far one of the worst nights... Not because something bad happened but because my past still haunts me, I know this isn't a highdea but I needed to write it down somewhere.. I used to be a horrible drug addict it started with weed(which I love) but somehow turned into ecstasy then coke and all went downhill from their.., I formed sorta a family with 15 or so people and became very close to 3 or 4 of them. At the time I really thought we were living "the life " sleep all... read more »