It'd be really dope to smoke with a philosophy teacher? I mean think about it... they already blow our minds with crazy stuff during class. think about what'd they have to say if you got high with them outside of class....

Its blowing my mind just thinking about it!


Should win a Nobel prize or something.
Or at least make a statue( with syrup pouring out of the statue B) )
You think I'm crazy but think about how pancakes done wonders to mankind.
A world without pancakes...or even waffles.
A fuckin nightmare right?


I hate packing. I am, you could say, the chronic over-packer. I never know what I should take and what I shouldn`t take, so I end up taking almost every piece of clothing I own. Almost every trip i`ve ever taken, I end up wearing only 60% of the clothes I bring with me. This wouldn`t really be a big problem(like they always say, its better to be over prepared then under), except a few simple rules I forgot about my trip.


Seriously, people gossip every which way about shit they know nothing about, people try to talk shit to you, you can't just be left the fuck alone, everyone is out into little "cliques", basically all this shit I hate. Man, I need some more weed.


I love Mac n cheese, I eat it all the time. Every time I try to open the box I push on the top where they outline it for you to make it easier for you to open. Yea we all know that's bull shit. But I still try to open the box that way every time hoping maybe one time it will open how it is suppose to open.


You know your joke is bad when not only do people not laugh but then they correct you


I wonder if there are people who feel this high all the time without any drugs
happy-as-Larry huffing on life

Incidentally, happy 4:20 west coast :)


I was at my friends house hanging out in his basement playing Call of Duty when his mom said she was going to yoga. Obviously the first thing that came to mind was blazing. We immediately went outside and started to walk down the street until we came to a sign that said no trespassing. Without a word i looked at my friend and he looked right back at me and we both knew that this would be a perfect spot. We found a way to get through the gate. Once inside the closed off area, we were looking... read more »


Just curious to see who's still around these parts. Any old school highdear's still roaming these parts?