This is the conversation between me and my mom when im hella stoned xD

Mom: Why are you acting so weird?
Me: What? *giggles*
Mom: Are you on drugs or something?!
ME: What? *giggles* *watching tv*
Mom: Pay attention to what im saying!
Me: (My thoughts) Pay..Attention..I dont wanna pay.. I wonder if i can get a discount cuz im her son? Son, son, son, sunnyy boyyyyy..Sunnyy Sunnyydaaayyy, i wonder if there is still any sunny D in the fridge? Fridge, what a... read more »


Guys.. we understand how you want people to stop being jerks on this site. But I think we've definately seen enough of those "stop being a dick and critisizing others thoughts" mumbo jumbo. Let's all just take a hit and realx. If your not hatin don't worry about other peoples issues


i just smoked a kid out for his first time ever and he was fucking great, i will raise him as one of my own


Ive never smoked weed and was always against it, but i just read all of this website and i realize you guys are freaking awesome. You're smart and philosophical and the world needs more stoners. Smoking for the first time this weekend. In honor of you guys! Keep smokin


there are a load of different varieties of them all with different characteristics tho they all belong to the same species
the Man's always trying to harsh their buzz
there's a very uneven ratio of males to females which is unusual for animals (i remember someone else said this here recently, i can't remember who it was, if it was you make yourself known) (also i keep reading that they're supposed to be half and half in the wild but i've seen weed growing in the wild and all the... read more »


I hope they do it snorg tees style, using witty highdeas.
or i'd love to be able to buy a shirt that has my favorite highdea on it.
that'd be sweet.

-'so save up your nickles and dimes!' HAHA no pun intended my ass :)


to all the people who has a name for their bowl upvote and post its name i wanna hear it


ignorant fucks who stereo type stoners. Just because I smoke weed does not mean I am not a productive member of society. I work 40 hours a week, go to school 16 hours a week, and remain high the entire time. If anything I deserve a fucking metal or something, but definitely not to be judged so harshly. I get shit done, who gives a fuck?


I dont think you should really be allowed to wear a hemp bracelet if you dont understand the stoner philosophy...