SO I recently confessed to my mom that I blaze once a week (3 times daily really lol), and ever since she been trying to convince me its really bad for my health. today she tells me to come to her computer ( all exited). She points to a google link that says " marijuanna may cause lung cancer". I clicked it and it was a HIGHdea making fun of! PAWNED


Doesn't matter where you are or who you're with, just put in eye drops.

They'll have to make a joke about weed or something,

and if you know they don't smoke, tell them you didn't get much sleep.


theres still fuckin regular ass monkeys everywhere.

And no sub-monkey hybrid human apes.


...would be the shit, so then I can delete my useless and shitty facebook. My friends on there will never be as real as the people on this site...


-bong silencers
-lighter silencers
-a god damn mute button on microwaves


That smoking weed while on my ADD medicine could cause some negative side effects. So I guess I gotta quit....taking adderal


If your parents sat you down and told you that the religion you believe in was all made up and they only told you that so you would know the morals of life, What would you say?


Let's cut the shit and get to the bottom of it...Does an apple a day reeeally keep the doctor away?

Also, did anybody else used to watch Catdog? I miss that show. I bet the creator was high when they came up with it. They should bring it back--The Return of Catdog, 2011. I know I'd watch it, anyway.