I was at my friends house hanging out in his basement playing Call of Duty when his mom said she was going to yoga. Obviously the first thing that came to mind was blazing. We immediately went outside and started to walk down the street until we came to a sign that said no trespassing. Without a word i looked at my friend and he looked right back at me and we both knew that this would be a perfect spot. We found a way to get through the gate. Once inside the closed off area, we were looking... read more »


The blunt or your best friend that just had sex with your mother


heres to riding shotgun holding the wheel while the driver lights and hits a bowl



I've heard people say that the first person you think of in the morning and the last person you think of before going to sleep is the cause of your happiness. What these people fail to realize is that, the reason for this is because they have someone in their life that makes them happy. For me, the first person I think of in the morning and the last person I think of before I go to sleep is the cause of all my pain.


Why is it that when someone we know dies, the importance of societies characteristics placed upon them don't apply anymore? Instantaneously death reveals what truly mattered in their life; not how many beers they could drink, how high their iq was, how popular they were on twitter nor their rank on the corporate ladder. What matters is the amount of love they manifested, and the care they showed towards others. Maybe Jesus was on to something..


What the fuck makes humans think they can just trespass on animals territory whenever they want without consequence, and then kill it if it attacks. Let the page flip, people would be ready to kill an animal on site if they ended up on their territory, and swear it was justified. Just like you have the right to protect your home, animals have the right to protect theirs as well. No one life is more important than another.


Get really baked with your friends and try to continue every conversation through the night without using the word 'like'.

You cant do it.