does anyone else see this and think howw tha fuckk did those old ladies get to the grand canyon


how do i and many other people i know stay so skinnny if all we do is eat? and eat and eat somemore...
this is a real question and I would love a good answer(:


"Oh, yes, you try to turn man. Try to control the mind. I will rule by their souls

I will give them gods and the promise of eternal bliss if they live their lives as I say or eternal torment if they do not

You promise them politics and the illusion of choice. You keep them blind and deafened by bright lights and loud noises. You confuse them in to believing your puppets are their true leaders and that they all must work and pay to live now or suffer until death.

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One thing that everyone in the world has in common is the pursuit of happiness.

Anything that you decide to do in your life, you do it because you want to be happy, either in the short or long run, no matter what it is, whether you know it or not. Even horrible things that people do, they do it to acquire happiness.

Happiness is the one thing that drives people to continue with their lives, knowing that they are happy or hope that they will one day be happy.


so my brother is 19 & he's the responsible one , always covering my ass when I do something stupid. I thought it would be pretty cool to buy him some weed to show him how life is when you're high. That was probably the worst idea I ever had.... He was so high, he climbed onto the roof & screamed "I can fly!" & jumped off, so here I am, waiting for him to come home from the hospital after breaking his arm. What a dumb ass