Has anyone else ever eaten pop rocks while totally blazed lol that shits feels like someone's trying to cook bacon on your tongue.


Shouldn't the word "snow" sound like the word "now" but with an "s"?


i was recently taking a gander at some titties and wondered to myself, why in the fuck is it okay for a girl to go out in public wearing a bikini top but not a bra?


I don't want roommate to know I'm high, so I walked past him with 2 cookies on my plate and 8 in my pocket.


Be so amazing to know more about the lives of Beethoven's ladies? The ones the sonates are written about? I dream about that time sometimes. A whole different world, really. What patient and graceful women they must have been. I am, admittedly, a tad envious.
Ever heard the Moonlight Sonata? What kind of story would have been behind that? If it was written, inspired solely by a woman, what happened, to break his heart in that way? She must have been loved, so loved.


I was trying to tell him this joke earlier that my friend told me.

Me: When is the only time men are smart?
Justin: Always
Me: No, when they have sex. Why are they smart during sex?
Justin: Because they're using their head.
Me: No, because they're plugged into a genius.

Very nice. Lol


Is by far the trippiest show to watch when you're high. I mean it, dude. Everything, like... The colors, the visuals, the insanely weird music and sound effects... Holy shit, man. It's like they made it trippy on purpose. This is blowing my miiiiiind...


At what age do people stop putting "and 1/2" at the end?