there are a load of different varieties of them all with different characteristics tho they all belong to the same species
the Man's always trying to harsh their buzz
there's a very uneven ratio of males to females which is unusual for animals (i remember someone else said this here recently, i can't remember who it was, if it was you make yourself known) (also i keep reading that they're supposed to be half and half in the wild but i've seen weed growing in the wild and all the... read more »


when sending a message on here that it says "(user)" next to the person's name haha arent we all


As soon as weed is legal, I'm gonna open up a place called The Pizza Joint. You get a joint with every pizza. And we'll have a specialty pizza called the joint pizza that's cooked rolled up instead of flat. And at the end of the description of every item on the menu it will say "To put it BLUNTLY, this one is BAKED to perfection."


I found like a pound of weed in my dad's closet but it was literally dirt. I asked him where he had gotten it and he said he got it from a mexican construction worker a few years ago. I then asked him if I could have it to sell to freshmen...he said no. Ohwell.


Upvote this and ill upvote highdeas..
downvote and ill downvote all of youre highdeas..
Comment, that would be cool
Seeing this and doing nothing would also be acceptable
Lets see how this goes


hello...hella stoned. I tried to simplify this.but please read it b/c i've done my homework and I know what I'm talking about.. it's not too long

k..heres 4 reasons why Aliens surely exist...1. The Hubble telescope has detected light from 47 billion light years away. 1 light-year= 9.5 trillion miles (remember, light-year is a measure of distance, not time). So we know the Universe is beyond comprehension really... as far as we can tell the Universe is infinite...

ok 2. Our... read more »


Let's cut the shit and get to the bottom of it...Does an apple a day reeeally keep the doctor away?

Also, did anybody else used to watch Catdog? I miss that show. I bet the creator was high when they came up with it. They should bring it back--The Return of Catdog, 2011. I know I'd watch it, anyway.


theres still fuckin regular ass monkeys everywhere.

And no sub-monkey hybrid human apes.


If your parents sat you down and told you that the religion you believe in was all made up and they only told you that so you would know the morals of life, What would you say?