theres still fuckin regular ass monkeys everywhere.

And no sub-monkey hybrid human apes.


I hope they do it snorg tees style, using witty highdeas.
or i'd love to be able to buy a shirt that has my favorite highdea on it.
that'd be sweet.

-'so save up your nickles and dimes!' HAHA no pun intended my ass :)


there are a load of different varieties of them all with different characteristics tho they all belong to the same species
the Man's always trying to harsh their buzz
there's a very uneven ratio of males to females which is unusual for animals (i remember someone else said this here recently, i can't remember who it was, if it was you make yourself known) (also i keep reading that they're supposed to be half and half in the wild but i've seen weed growing in the wild and all the... read more »


i want to make a tv network like bet but for kids and call it niggalodian. that would be awsome


to all the people who has a name for their bowl upvote and post its name i wanna hear it


do you ever play a song and then realize you were too distracted to appreciate the beauty of the song so you replay it


To all the people who claim to not give a fuck. The people who truly don't give a fuck, are the people who don't brag about not giving a fuck


i swear when your high, things happen that would normally not?
perfect example is when i was walking to the local burger king i saw an old man walking his dog.. except when i got closer, it turned out to be an old man walking a chicken... only when your high


There are many types of people who oppose legalizing Marijuana for a variety of reasons. Many of these groups have some very strange reasons and selfish interests. Many are just ignorant of the facts. Here's some of the opposition:

The Uninformed - People who believe the misinformation that Pot is harmful to society.


I was walking into my room as my brother was walking out of his. My mom called up the stairs to him, and for some reason I started watching my brother and how he lives in this world, and how he interacts with people, i watched him as he talked to my mom down the stairs and i just felt like i was looking into the inner person that is my brother. I felt like i understood everything that is my brother.. Then i realized that i was starting at him with my mouth open.