your say
Stoned Friend: Hey man, let me hit this blunt.
Stoned Me: HEY MAN! Dont hit the blunt! Be nice to it.
Stoned Friend: Oh man my bad. Im sorry. *sad face as he looks at the blunt*


uses the excuse its because i was sober more than the excuse its because i was high


I feel so old when all these posts about school come up. Is anyone over te age of 18? Lol


I was trying to tell him this joke earlier that my friend told me.

Me: When is the only time men are smart?
Justin: Always
Me: No, when they have sex. Why are they smart during sex?
Justin: Because they're using their head.
Me: No, because they're plugged into a genius.

Very nice. Lol


Is by far the trippiest show to watch when you're high. I mean it, dude. Everything, like... The colors, the visuals, the insanely weird music and sound effects... Holy shit, man. It's like they made it trippy on purpose. This is blowing my miiiiiind...


At what age do people stop putting "and 1/2" at the end?


where do they get the markers they make their signs with?


I hate packing. I am, you could say, the chronic over-packer. I never know what I should take and what I shouldn`t take, so I end up taking almost every piece of clothing I own. Almost every trip i`ve ever taken, I end up wearing only 60% of the clothes I bring with me. This wouldn`t really be a big problem(like they always say, its better to be over prepared then under), except a few simple rules I forgot about my trip.